In some departments, there are different organizational structures. A small company can have a lot of officers, and there's the large departments that have what seems to be an insufficient amount of officers due to the call volume and other stuff. How many officers does your firehouse / EMS company have (like chief-grade officers, lieutenants, safety officers, etc.)?

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My department has

1 Chief
3 Assistant Chiefs
5 Captains (one Fire code enforcement, one training, one fire police, and 2 station captains)
6 Lieutenants (in charge of Apparatus)

We also have a pretty sizable roster and it works for my department
we have 8 officers in my department we are just vol. they are
1 cheif
1 ass. cheif
2 bat. cheifs
3 captains witch i am one of..and one of the captains does training.
1 saftly officer
we have to many officers in my department to list. 400+ fire/Rescue/EMS Employees. But my DOUBLE company has 6 officers.

Truck 1- LT/SGT/FF
Engine 1- Lt/SGT/FF/FF
With a Roster of 35 members on average we have 7 Officers. Also this is a Complete Volunteer (No pay at all) Dept.

1 Chief
1 Asst. Chief
2 Captains
3 Lieutenants

This structure works good for us. We have the Chief and Assistant Chief as Administrative. They just handle paperwork, grants, budget issues, ect.. They will be OIC or Safety Officer on major incidences when present.

The Captains are in-charge of Operations and oversee the Lieutenants...Captains are usually OIC on all incidents they make.

The Lieutenants are assistants to the Captains. They are in charge of training, maintenance, ect.. They each have their own Respective Company with approximately 8 Firefighters/EMT's in each of the three companies. There Company has specific Apparatus to maintain and Station Duties to be completed Monthly. They are OIC on any Incidents where Captains/Chiefs dont attend. Safety Officer is usually appointed on scene.

This structure works well and is very organized for our Department. The number of Chiefs to Indians is almost perfect.
My Dept. has 1 Chief 1 Asst. Chief 1 Treasurer 1 Secretary 1 EMS Division Chief all of which are ranked as officers. Which to me the chief, asst chief, and ems division chief should be officers, but if your on scene and the secretary or treasurer walks up they can order you around!
Our officers are as follows:

Assistant Chief
1st LT.
2nd LT.
Fire Police Captain
Thats it.
We opperate With a Chief, Asst.Chief, Capt. 2lieus, 2 Safety Officeres, and 2 R.I.T. Officers.
1 chief
1 asst. chief
3 captains
3 lieutenants
8 firefighters
In My Opinon a company should have cheif 2 assistant chiefs two captins and 2 luetanats
Our department has 5 Chief, Asst. chief and 3 captains, our membership has shrunk so we decided to go with no LT. unitl w can get out numbers up, there was no sense to have half the departmen officers.
1 chief, 3 asst. chief, and 1 training officer. we are fixen to have captains for each truck and lietanats for each truck and a safety officer
1- fire chief
4-assist fire chiefs
8- lieuteant's

we also have 3 stations too man 24hrs 365 a yr.

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