Understanding that we all have Sony camera's or something that can record a short mpeg... anyone out there with a "real firehouse fire pole", especially a station with a 40-foot pole... could video their experience of using one of these? From the sounds of the replies on this post, it sure looks like firepoles will slowly continue to disappear. Documenting the experience will be the closest most of us will ever come to a firepole. 


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Only when I was a Boy Scout years ago; many still have them but as someone else said insurance has pretty much banned. Friend of mine bought and old station(100+ years) that was next to his shop, hole was there but pole was gone, former owner wanted, city wanted it but could not be found...well in the back room was an old closet rod, long one, nobody including us looked at it twice. About a year later the light bulb finally went on. He's going to put it up, but I'll guess it would be popular on Ebay.
yes we have two
I wired Pechin Firehouse Restaurant. They have a dummy on a pole. Pritty cool theme. the owners asked all the fire depts in the area to donate what they could to decorate the place. It turned out really nice.
we dont have them here...wish we did tho
Ralph....I was beginning to wonder about you...but, now there is no more wonders....LOL...you said it man not me............... 8)
Now THERE is a workout/diet plan that would work! Put the kitchen upstairs and you have to climb the pole to eat!!!

I like the way you think Reg.
Nope None around here insurance companys said if you wanted slide down a pole go to the park
40-feet? seriously? that's like 4-stories? good grief, what kind of terminal velocity do you reach?

I am soooo jealous... Perhaps a photo of the highrise fire station that has a 40-foot fire pole is in order?

My fire company's two stations were built to be all ground level operations so we missed out on having a pole but there are a few stations in the county that have poles until the stations are replaced.
I know the biggest station in Baltimore MD near the convention center has a tall station so they have poles there because I watch the crews come down them and empty the house on a call.
I did try it at a neighboring station in the county while waiting for a meeting. They had a rail around it and you reach behide it and smack it and it clears away so you can reach the pole and when you grab the pole a cone shaped door opens below the floor which keeps drafts from blowing up through the opening. I used my hands to control my slide.
Before we got a new station, we had one. BUT, we only used it during school tours. There was probably a time before I came on when thay actually used them at night. I have to say, it is faster to get 6 guys down stairs than it is on 1 pole.
I wish! All of our stations are one floor, NO pole! It sucks since the first thing kids coming in for a tour ask to see is the fire pole. Stay safe!

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