The first call I answered in NY was a false alarm. My first call here in SC, I will never forget.
It was a structure fire where we lost a mother, and three children. It was a very difficult time
for the entire fire department. This is not the way anyone should have to answer their first alarm, but it happens. I can only prey that I don't have to come accross another alarm such as that.

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I know this story should be in a group for final calls for ur current or former fd but I got a real funny story was at the station I was not voted 2 stay on the department but I was still there finishing my last training and tones drop for house fire and I ask the chief if he need me he say yes I told him give me a portable cause I can be there in 10 mins I was leaving for home when the tones went off. GOt 10-97 on scene for any one familiar with 10 codes. Called all responding units have fully involved house with other structures endangered with possible entrapment in house on fire. Chief calls back says request mutul aid as they were still about 2-3 mins away and get all other structures evacuated if safe 2 do so. Not a fun call was there til 12 midnight fighting the fire which additionally caused a grass fire and caught a field on fire. Not fun as I was fighting fire in the freezing cold but had a bad fatality in the house that was the source of the call got one person out but lost the other one before we got her out. It was hard on the hole department as well as the parents of the child that didnt make it.
i remember my first call in was a truck fire late at night some one had stollen a dodge 2500 black pickup and parked it in a field and lit it up it was fully involed to say the least when we got there i was so nerves and exicted that i forgot to put on my gloves and hood i lost my mask in the truck so i had to get an extra mask from the engine wich had been in the cab for who knows how long without being cleaned so we start fighting the fire im the 2nd man on the line we had big fire and it was awsome the fuel lines burnt thru and we had gas leaking and burning tires were blowing up on us wich the chief got a big laugh out of because how far we jumped back when a tire would pop off during all this exictment my eyes started itching ,burning and wanting to close up on me and i didnt know why well we get the fire out and i tell the guys about my eyes and they took a look and said omg you have sand in your eyes it turns out the mask i grabed had gotten sand in it from being on floor of the cab for so long so they washed my eyes out and poked fun at me for awhile then i got my butt chewed for having no gloves or hood on.( it was an awsome night ) i love being a fireman
My first call was an alarm at the local high school.. by the time I got down stairs, my underwear had fallen down inside my turnout pants, making it hard to walk let alone run. When I got there, I realized I never had my dentures. I realized at that point, that MUCH work was needed to perfect the response. oh, it was a false alarm.
my first call was a personal plow truck on fire behind a small auto repair shop, right next to a propane tank and waste oil tank.
with my current dept. a structure fire the night i was voted in.
my first call ever was a week after i was born.
my offical first interior attack I kucked out and had my dad behind me on a working fire.
I know ill never forget my first call it was my day at my dept we were doing morning duties when it came in as a signal 8
when we arrived there was a car upside down in a ditch resting on top of a chain link fence. The lady was not wearing her seatbelt and was laying face down in the passenger side. I was new so i had to work the jaws to pry the door open man i was so nervous. I got the door open we already knew that she had passed but we werent expecting what was to come. I opened the door and we rolled her over and saw that the post from the chain link fence had cut her throat deep so when we rolled her over her head almost fell off . I almost passed out i had to walk away .
My first call was an MVA at 2am. No injuries. Directing traffic (not that there was much at that time) in the freezing rain. FUN FUN FUN!
First for me was a structure (house) fire October of 1996. Tone went off while I was at my regular job and I was a volly (still am but anyway) I remember pounding my fist on the work bench saying CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!! Coworker asks what's wrong? I said there is a friggin fire and i can't go! (was able to have pager but not allowed to leave). Coworker said awe poor baby. I said oh you shut up! 2 hours to go on shift ... Finally got to clock out and do a drive by. They were still on scene with one pumper and a few guys looking for hot spots and just making sure it was out. Got to help a little but was still depressed that I missed inicial page.
I still have nightmares from my first call and that was 18 years ago. We got toned out to what came through Dispatch as a structure fire. It turned out to be a mobile home and when we arrived it was fully involved and while doing initial attack, we were informed that there were 3 kids still inside and we were able to hear them screaming. We weren't able to enter the home because propane tanks kept exploding. To this day I still hear those kids screaming. Had the caller given us the right address, we would have gotten there 10 minutes earlier and would have been able to save the kids.
mine was a MVA some girl said her brakes failed but she actually slammed on the clutch
im sorry times can be rough just lift your head up high and keep going
..... we had a report of possible vegetation fire.... all I heard was "fire" jumped in my structure gear got in the rear and off we went, finally heard vegetation fire and had to change into my wild land gear while having my seat belt on.... got on scene tried to get out and was snapped back into the seat.... forgot to un-buckle as it was underneath my gear....outside we found out it was a warming fire... bunch of drunk kids burning way too many pallets in the middle of the night. While we where trying to put out the fire the kids where blasting and singing...... Johnny Cash "ring of fire"....:0)

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