OK i think I have the smallest department in the world perhaps we have 14 Firefighters, 2 lt, 1 Capt, 1 Ast. Chief, the chief and 3 cadets. Usaully we get maybe 3 firefighters to show for a call the 2 lts and the chief thats it! Who has the largest dept and do i have the smallest???

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Right now we have around 16 volunteers and 6 paid engineers.
46 ff


1 Asst. Chief

1 Capt.

2 Lieu.
I'm a member of the largest volunteer fd in Nebraska, right now we have around 150 members operating out of four stations.
Wow that is awesome how many calls do you respond to in a year?
Sorry to bust your bubble but the last time I checked Fine VFD in St Lawrence County NY only had 10 or 11 members.
Around 40 members, about 25 of which are regularly active. 1 chief, 1 asst chief, 1 deputy chief, 2 captains. 3 Engines, 2 tankers, 1 mini pumper, 1 squad pickup. 3 Stations. The town next to us has a total of 15 members, thats with chiefs and officers included.
We respond to around 3600+ a year,,,thats fire and rescue calls combined
Angela, I would bet your about average in numbers. We have 45 volunteers and average 18-20 per call. As full time paid Chief I respond on all calls as does my full time paid Asst Chief. We have about 360 calls for service per year with over half those calls being EMS calls.
As of right now, we have 27 total members. That includes one chief, one asst. chief, two captains, two lieutenants, and one safety officer, and 20 firefighters. We usually have a fairly good turnout as far as people showing up to calls. Of course there are some times when its another 65 y/o female having diff. breathing at 2 in the morning when people dont like to show up.lol We never have a prolbem with getting enough guys for a truck.
Right now we have 21 ff,two cadets.We respond to an average of 350-360 calls a year.Cover 75 sq.miles with two stations and 9 trucks.Like everyone else 90% are medical.
We have 30 firefighters on our department.

A department in our county has 6-8 firefighters on it. They are lucky to run 10 calls a year.
We have: 1 Chief
2 Asst. Chief
4 Captains
1 EMS Captain
1 Training Captain
26 FF
We run about 230 total calls per year.

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