I was wondering last night now other Fire Departments are dispatched. Here's an example of us for Fire and EMS.

Fire/or other related call.
KDP-395 to all (Department) home receivers.
Report of a (nature of call) at address or location.
Cross roads between so on and so forth.
Repeats with KPP-395 clear at time given.
Requesting acknowledgement.

KDP-395 to all Department Home Receivers.
ALS or BLS/EMS Request at so and so residence.
Cross roads are between this and that.
For a something or other age male/female with complaint.
Repeats with KDP-395 clear at time given.
Requesting acknowledgement.

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Fire Calls.....we respond after page like this
713 dade county...
Go Ahead Unit 713
Responding to Station 7
Clear Unit 713 Responding to Station 7
+++++AT STATION++++
Engine 71 Dade
Go Ahead Engine 71
In Route Status 3
10-4 Engine 71 in Route status 3
+++++ON SCENE+++++
Engine 71 Dade
Go Ahead
On Scene 713 will have command
Clear Engine 71 on scene Unit 713 will have command

Medical Calls the same....Just Rescue is status 2 not 3
strtcopr - I've learnt to ignore the threads that hold no interest for me, such as the lights on POVs etc. It's truly easier to just stay away from them - try it, you'll enjoy it.

I read this thread because it has some interest for me, seeing what happens elsewhere. But then, I'm interested in people in different places. I also read the 'heavy' tactics threads, but don't often comment on them because my experience is very different to that of most posters on FFN and I have little interest in seeing people get uptight about our differences.
You should care how other people are dispatched and who are you to call this thread trivial?
Why should I care?? I'm not on their dept, the only dispatch I have to concern myself with is my own.
This is how it goes in pottawattamie county Iowa:

department name (mine would be Carter Lake)
nature of call
repeat address and nature of call

and this is how it would sound:
Carter Lake Rescue, Rescue is needed 3510 north 9th street for chest pain, Carter Lake Rescue, Rescue is needed 3510 north 9th street for chest pain at 2135.

would be the same for fire calls just insert fire instead of rescue.
Station 8 tones
Salem Co 8 need you to respond to________
For ________________
Dispatched Time
repeat info
Dispatch Clear time

or multi company dispatch
Station 8 tones, Station 11 tones, Station 1 tones, etc
Station 8, Station 11, Station 1 need you to respond to ___________
Dispatched time
repeat info
Dispatch clear time
Dauphin County Fire:

Box 27-1, XXX Market Street, Cross streets of XXX and XXX, for a reported kitchen fire.


Box 27-1, XXX Market Street, Cross streets of XXX and XXX, for a reported kitchen fire, Company 27, Engines 26 & 28, Northumberland County Engine 65, Tankers 26 & 28, Northumberland County Tanker 65, Truck 22, Rescue 28, & Squad 26, 2306 (time).
we have pagers that are tone out. we can hear all the dist. get tone or we can set our pager to our dist. the county sherriff office has the controls to tone us out. it really depends on the area of the county and thats the station that will get tone out. we have six stations thought out our county. we all have ID numbers that we answer up to so they now we are in route to the station and then we answer up when the truck leave the station.
I'm enroute :-)
It goes a little somthin' like this....


Muncie to Cowan...Muncie to Cowan....
Respond to (address) for a (problem or fire)

Then they announce the tone time. Pretty basic.
To add to this:
Medical Calls go out as Medical Local/address/cross street/type call/ Box Number/ units reponding/ channel switch/ time.
Motor Vehicle Accidents are Rescue Local same as above.
The beeps /one for medical and rescues/two for house fires or locals alarms/three for box alarms anything that requires a number of responses or special required units. Hazmats, commercial and apartment buildings, aircraft crashes just to name a few for three beeps.
Since we don't hear the tones because they are on a different radio channel the station printer will start first, followed by pagers and station bells and then we wait for the beeps and messages.

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