ok so I was taking a look at my hood a few minuetes ago and I was wondering what kind off hoods everyone was useing as for me I am useing the same nomex hood I have had for well ever so what have you got and why do you like/dislike your hood? 

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I'm hooked on the light weight PBI. Don't know why, really, other than it still lets enough heat in to give me a little warning when things get cookin'. More comfortable in the hot climate (Texas). Holds it's shape well also. Doesn't clash with my wardrobe.
I wear what I'm issued. It comes off anyway as soon as I know I'm not going internal - I don't llike the thing. Oh, PBI I think.
Mine are brown dont know what brand dont care when I need it I wear it when the battalion chief says its dirty I hand it it its a never ending cycle.
If its hot enough that you have to wear a flash hood... you shouldn't be inside. but i stick with a light weight nomex myself

1st: I looked at your profile and it says your IFSTA Firefighter II trained. In both firefighter I and II training, they teach you to where your hood at all times no matter what the condition. So by your theory of if its hot enough that you have to wear a flash hood you shouldnt be inside then no firefighter would ever be going interior, because if you are properly wearing your PPE which we all should be your hood is on at all times.

2nd: How do you know when its hot enough to have to wear your hood and when its ok not to where it?

Im in the middle of transitioning hoods myself. I have a nomex short bib right now and am looking to switch to a long bib off of paulconwayshields.com
Whatever you hood you wear make sure it has the tag in in that says it's NFPA1971 compliant. We got a buncha red ones in one time that didn't have the tag in them nor could we find any information saying they were. By the time we realized though it was to late to send em back and we had to eat the cost and replace them with some that were compliant.

Ive never heard of that happening where had you ordered the hoods from?
It's been so long ago I honestly don't remember. Sunbelt or NAFECO if I had to guess, but that's just shootin from the hip. I just remember them being red in color.
Joshua, that was an excellent reply to David. I was thinking exactly the same thing. Also, in regards to the shorter bib hoods, you made another excellent point. Some guys here prefer the shorter bibs because they do not get as twisted and their easier to get centered over your face. On the other hand, the majority of guys here love the longer hoods that drape down to your shoulders. Here in NE Ohio, we get our fair share of cold weather and we wear our PPE alot for warmth and we take our hoods and gloves very seriously.
The reason Im looking into switching is because the shorter hood seems to keep coming from under my coat if I am working over my head or moving my head alot. Which is almost every time I wear my hood.

Shareef: Im guessing you guys use thick hoods instead of the light weight PBI and nomex, what company do you use?
I like the longer hoods they don't tend to come out of my coat when I'm working. Other than that I could care less who makes it.
Just wear whatever I'm issued. No idea what kinda it is and don't really care since I don't have a choice. I have been burned pretty good with this kind once though.

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