I am a registered nurse and have been for over 12 years in healthcare 20 years, a lot of times and I understand some of the issues between EMS and nurses. However I work on a volunteer Fire/Rescue Squad, I have worked Obstetrics, Gerontology, Med Surg, Psychiatric, Emergency, Case Management, and Telemetry to name some of the areas I have worked. I am very proud to be a RN and worked very hard to get where I am today. However, I sort of feel disappointed by the way my fellow FF who are EMT's and Paramedics state that a nurse doesn't count in Fire/Rescue they do not acknowledge that. Why is it I am ACLS certified and have over 20 years in healthcare doesn't count for anything? I show respect to EMT and Paramedics why can (some) not show me that respect back?

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I am a RN in an ER on Long Island and also FF?EMT with Wading River Fire Department. I know alot of nurses who I work not repect the vollies and what they do out in the field because they have no knowledge of what goes on pre-hospital. Likewise, the eMTs/FF will not have the respect for the nurses. I try to help with this by explaining to my co-workers how it is. I get alot of respect from the departments that come into my ER and give that respect back. Even with WRFD the medics and I have respect for each other and there havae been times they asked my advice or even made the comment that they wished NY recognized RNs on the ambulance.
Thanks for your response and congrats on being able to receive that reciprocal respect. I don't think anytime soon that any medics or emt's I know will be asking to recognize RNs on the ambulance. I have been in prehospital and there are so many emergencies that come up in a hospital that those same decision and skills I use pre-hospital, I use those while my patients are in the hospital. Granted you have the ability to contact an MD easier in the hospital but with 20 years experience I am doing the S/O the Dr. has anyways. Good luck and continued success and God Bless!
They are right, a nurse doesn't count for much on a Fire / Rescue department. You legally can not do any procedure outside of the hospital and outside the direction of your medical director except for CPR. You can't technically even be classified as a first responder as the DOT doesn't recognize an RN in lieu of the first responder curriculum.

They should respect you as being a member of the department and that doesn't have anything to do with your credentials.
Sounds like that needs to change in my opinion!;) Well EMT'S and Paramedics have S/O from their medical directors they have to follow. When someone comes into the ER needs an IV I start it, if they need CPR I do it, if they need O2 I put it on, if they need Nitro I give it, if they need an EKG I do it, If they come in bleeding I bandage it, I don't wait for the MD to give me an order. Same as EMT's and Paramedics.
I am amazed at the lack of recognition you say you get from the rescue squad. Clearly they need to see and use you as a valuable and irreplacable resource. Perhaps there is some jealousy and fear behind this reaction but those involved need to step back and acknowledge just how lucky they are to have you.
Maybe they feel you need to learn the techniques used in field rescues but it's a trade off since as they teach you this they should be learning and relying on your extensive medical background.
Our department has an O. R. nurse and an emerg nurse on board and we count our lucky stars to have them. Hopefully some enlitenment will come to your department.
I get the same been a nurse for 10 years.. I tend to think that they feel we can not be street smart.. we have not seen it all the theory is.. Well I have seen both sides, have to tell you the truth we both have crappy jobs..Alot of work and well most of the time no thanks...
I'm not for sure we all stop uncontrolled bleeding the same way , sob the same, Fx's until the exray comes in stablization... I am also a emt been one for 28 years.... Went to a car accident two nurses stop to help and well to tell you the truth glad to see them.. ...
Ummm.... I guess I cant speak for everyone but I've always thought nurses are great. I'm an EMT and me bringing a pt. to a hospital wouldnt be much good if there wasnt anyone there to take them from me. I've never really had any bad experiences with nurses, maybe a few MD's...
This has been a huge topic in Texas. RNs were able, at one time, to challenge the Paramedic test and if they passed, they were full fledged medics. Some didn't think this was wise due to it really being two separate types of medicine. Some Paramedics were upset because they could not do the same thing to become a nurse. Now RNs must take all three levels of EMT and pass the National Registry to be a Paramedic. I have been around long enough to know that every level of expertese and experience benefits the organization as a whole. Even the "rookie" EMT will have something to bring. I think respect is a two-way street. If you show them you can handle the job on the street, you'll get the respect you want and deserve.
I can tell you that you will be in a world of hurt if you do any of the above mentioned actions outside the hospital. This is the very reason why flight nurses are Paramedic/Rn's ... thus they can function in and out of the hospital.
Well if that was the case then I could understand the frustration. I think very highly of medics/emt's. But you are exactly right in saying we are all there to help the pt.
yep! It takes both skills and its amazing how sometimes you will see them working against each other instead of helping out.

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