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my hero is my uncle he is a retired firefighter from midwest city ok.
Ok, who is my hero. That would have to be my dad. He was a great doctor and was just respected by every one. He wasn't a firefighter but he knew them all in our town and he was very much involved with our Rescue Squad..
My hereo is my dad, he's been a fulltime fire/medic now for 33 yrs. and still going strong, I look up to him all the time and I was thankfull last year him and I got to fight our first interior attack together on a mutial aid call, he's on the city and I'm on the township:)
I have no special hero.. I look up to alot of people..I work in the medical field and everyday I get to see Md's ,nurses,aids do wonderful things.. The troops and the ordeal they go thru every day.. So I hav e alot of people I look up.. No heros just alot of respect...
Definitely my dad.

An amzing bloke in so many ways. My rock, my mentor, my father, my best friend....
i would have to say my dad. he worked at the power company (before the increase in prices) he worked there for 39 years never complained and did an excellent job of provideing for his family. probably the strongest man i know mentally and physically
My dad is one of my heroes. I can go to him for everything, be it fire service or non fire service...he listens...i guess he is alot of peoples hero because everyone always tells me how lucky i am he is my father, he has knowledge beyond his years

my second hero is my grandfather...for the same exact reasons
My hero is Dan Macakanja. Not everyone in life can balance their "career" (lol) their fire service, and go above and beyond for communities well outside of his jurisdiction. (by the way, you and philly were supposed to send me autographs and have neglected to do so yet)

Parents are hero's. They provide life, and then help sustain life and bring you all they can to improve your life. I try equally to be the hero for my 3 children.
my hero would be my DAD. he got me into the firefighter life and has alway been there for me. Helping me through all my life.
I have several heroes, of whom I wrote in a rant around Memorial Day. My father and uncle are among those I wrote about:

... if anyone would like to read about them.
I would have to say my hero is all of us in our line of work who go out everyday and do our best no matter what to help our fellow man in their time of need. And of course the troops for risking their lives so we stay free.
My hero was/is my uncle, Thomas Bulah. He was the last orginal member of the fire company when he passed away 2 years ago. He was also the first African-American fire chief in Delaware. He along with others led the court battle to get the fire company offically recgonized by the state and county associations. He was most importantly a gentleman. Married to the same women for 72 years.

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