Around here every department has a different color helmet for thier firefighters. We have white for chief and asst. chief. Red for captain and leuitenants. And yellow for everyone else. Saftey officer is blue. But the neighbors have black, and the officers on other are different colors. This makes it hard for all of us to decifer officers from firemen. If we went to one helmet color for everyone it would make it easier for us to tell.

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Most of our area department's run the same ..Chief- Asst. Chief>White helmet, Captain>Red helmet,Lieutenants>Yellow, Safety Officer> Orange helmet, FireFighter's>Black.. I do have a few Cross Trained that wear Blue Helmets. Can't forget Probie's>>Green I tried for Pink,but the Chief said no!!! I am from an all Volunteer department of about 35 members.
In our dept. white is for chief, dep.chief, safety officer and asst. chief. everyone else has a black helmet. the jrs have yellow.
in my department it goes like this:
asst. chief-white
1st leiutenent-red
2nd leiutenent-red
regular firefighters-yellow
junior firefighters (same as cadets or explorers)-yellow with blue tetrohedians
as junior chief we are getting a junior fund started and i would like to purchase black helmets for our juniors
We use white for Chief and Asst. Chief, red for Cpt., yellow for Lts., and everyone else has black.. Most departments around here were at least white for Chief and Asst. Chief..
Just a little update, the change from red to black didn't sit well with the officers, so lieutanents and captains are still red.
im my department any chief officer(chief assistant and deputy) have white captains have red lt have yellow with a fron leather shield saying lt fire fighters have yellow sayin firefighter rookies have black jr and saftey have organe
In our Department... We have Yellow for the Firefighters Red for the Captain and Leuitenants, White for the Fire Chief and Asst. Chief. Now one of your Fireman has a Black and Green fire helmet along with a Paramedic/FF
In our department Chief and Asst. Chief are White and every one else are black. No Jrs or Ems.
My dept. has white for chief and asst. chief, black for captains, red for lieu's, blue for SO, and yellow for firefighters. I understand what you mean about the confusion with neighboring dept's becuse most of neighboring dept's use black for their FF's. It makes it a little more difficult on the scene but once you get to know most of the guys from surronding dept's anyway... it becomes easier
Well in my Department The Paramedic and the Firefighter that I said had the Black and Green helmet are the only two in Crowley County that have them certain Helmets I think they are very nice and look sharp. I am going to be getting one soon along with a set of bunker gear.
We have Chief,1st asst., 2nd asst., 3rd asst. have white. captains have red , lieutenant has yellow, safety officers blue, and firefighters have black.

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