Have you ever run calls with a Fire Station Dalmatian on board or is this just nostalgia?

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Being our department had a main station and a sub station, both stations had dogs. The sub station had a German Shepherd which belong to the chief and his house buddy. The dog didn't ride but if you left your shoes behind for your boots when you came back you were looking around the station and the grounds for them.
The chief even went and bought a baby fox and the thing would get lose and we had to send the dog out to find it. It got lose another time and ended up on the highway and was buried after that.
The shepherd left with the chief's buddy.
We later got a mix dalmatian. We had both dogs attend the funeral of the county fire chief. A member made black coats for the dogs to wear while standing at a attention with firefighters at intersection for the funeral procession. Well we couldn't have both dalmations in the same location because they would fight. The poor dog got hit and killed in front of the station.
Then a member who traveled the country in search of jobs has fire chief in small paid depts brought his dalmation with him. The dog would ride with him. One night the dog jumped on the second out the door pumper which only had a driver. I was driving the ambulance behind it. The pumper was a C series Ford with a canopy cab for three firefighters which was a open walkway and seats. The pumper made the turn at the light and the dog slid out into the grass. I stop the ambulance and the officer got out and grabed the dog and push him into the back. It was a ride with the dog barking in my ear to the call.
Since then we have not had dogs at both stations.
I've been on the truck with a few dogs, but not the 4 legged kind.... :-)
lol not I can't say that I have but would like to. I would like to take a K-9 and have it trained in fire detection so that we could us it on a fire call. We deal with people wanting to burn houses that are empty so we could use this dog to detect if it was done by a human or something else.
Thank You for allowing me to post
Firefighter Hicks,
Davy Volunteer Fire Department.
We have never had a dog at our station but a mutual aid compant has a dalmation. She rides the rescue truck and is usually chained to either the back of it our the ambulance.

who's responsible for making sure the dog is unchained before responding or when returning? you wouldn't want to be like Chevy Chase where he forgot about the dog on a the leash, tied up behind his car... just like... you?
One other thing about dogs and this is a comment on our lawsuit happy society we now live in. Can you imagine what would happen should you have a probie come into the firehouse with allergies to dogs? I like the idea of having a mascot and having a dalmation at the firehouse but good god could you imagine the bad press and the lawsuits? Not to mention PETA (and no I don't mean People Eating Tasty Animals that's my group) saying it's bad for the dog to be on fireground because of the smoke. Next thing you know they would be requiring dalmations to wear SCBA. We can't have any fun anymore thanks to these busybodies. No offense to you Capt. Busy.
We have a lab for our mascot dog at the station but she doesn't go on calls...we do a lot of station tours and hope to use her for these once she has learned a few fire safety tricks.
none taken Mike... and by the way, Dalmatians have the be one of the stupidest dogs on the planet... just a personal observation on my part, not wanting to offend anyone, just stating fact.
labs totally rock in my part of the word. if you have a lab then you do USAR. incredible intelligent mellow dogs...

Note: because of the allergy thing for my kids, I can't have a dog that sheds, like a lab, which would be my number one choice seeing that they like the water and I have a lake boat... instead, we have poodles... go figure... no one said life was fair...
Yeah, but can a lab do this....

Have owned two dalmatians but they were not station dogs. Before his retirement in 2006 drove for a Lieutenant that used to bring his dachshund to work and she rode on the engine with us everywhere.
No but we have a stuffed one that sits in our cup holder........I owned a dalmatian back 4-5 years ago....RIP BENNY BEAMER.....And he would get excited when the pager went off.....loved to smell my turnout gear.....BUT hated the firehouse.....took him to a career day at one of the schools and the kids loved him. Benny for some reason didnt care for the firehouse and the trucks. Wish I could find another one...He would get raised the right way....

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