Recently my county has made all of us vol. firefighters fill out paperwork involving applications to be considered a part time employee and w2 forms as well. I understand this is nationwide. I was wondering if any body else is going through the same thing. Thanks Lt. Hayward D Pack Jr Pinewood fire dept.

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i never filled out a w2 with a volunteer deppartment./ your not going to get paided so why should you fill out a w2? i hear you can claim milage on the calls you go on don't know if it true.
In both the departments I have belonged to, we did W2's. One was considered reimbursement, the other is an actual paycheck. Of course, where it was reimbursement, they called us volunteers, and the other we're paid-call firefighters. Its the same job in both places, just different names.
I’m starting to believe the IRS is getting creative on where to find money but here is what I know as fact; if you draw compensation what ever it may be called and the amount is under $600 you still need to report it;) but no paperwork required, now if it’s over $600 then your dept needs to send you a 1099. This is federal and not jurisdictional and I am still trying to find out (quietly) on the unemployment insurance thing.
Thanks for all the input on this matter. Believe me it is becoming a nation wide thing. I have a letter from Congressman David Wu and from the labor board if you want a copy feel free to send me your email at my nation address. In that letter the labor dept. clearly outlines what a vol. firefighter is. The IRS has their own opinion about what a vol. is. Ii guess its good old boy politicix. I have paid my taxes each and every year and will continue to do so. This is just the beginning of something big that will affect all of us before it is said and done. So feel free to email me if you would like a copy of the letter.
us and our rescue squad get $200 in our taxes as a bonus for vol
Hey Kirk - I always deducted mileage. You should really keep a log, which is kind of a pain, but you can deduct .50 some cents per mile, I believe. Mileage to trainings and meetings, also. Plus, anything (uniforms, tools, etc) is deductable. I would rather volunteer for free, take the deductions and qualify for pension on retirement than get paid per call. Stay safe!

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