Hello Everyone, I was asked to come up with a set of guidelines to go by,for minimum attendence.I am looking for some ideas,what do you use?How many drills,meetings must you attend to stay (active) Thanks for any help you can offer.


                                                    Bob Costine

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Our vols are required to attend 50% of all calls, training, and meetings. Attendance is checked every 3 months, and those below 50% are talked to on first offense.
Must maintain 70% participation for trainings and membership meetings and a 20% minimum for calls that members are available for. If you fall below the numbers you are placed on probation and lose your voting privelage until you come off of probration. If you don't get your numbers up before a set amount of time you are subject to dismissal by vote of peers either after 90 or 180 days.
Our department because it is volunteer is 70% of calls and 60% of practices.if you do not make these percentages you are hauled in and get to plead your case.Maybe your circumstances have changed (i.e. change in jobs or living situations) so you are not disiplined the first time if it continues then you may loose your pager for a bit or for good.
Our volunteers are required by counties we contract with to achieve a minimum of 20 hours of training per year and all members must have the minimum NIMS courses. No minimums on runs, but I see that coming soon in terms of a percentage.
Well the department that I work for is Volunteers..But we are required to have all of our training such as Hazmat and we go to Fire School every year and we're not all required to be EMT or First Responder Certified..The ones who are EMTs do get paid though however.We have a meeting every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM and we are required to attend them unless it interferes with our jobs.We're not supposed to miss more than 3 consecutive meetings or their are consequences.
As far as RUNS go we are required to go on as many as we can as long as we're not at work.If we miss a meeting or RUN we have to have "GOOD CAUSE" and have to explain why we missed.Hope my info helps I've only been with the Fire Department for about a year.
wrestled with this for years-- my 1st suggestion be careful , you need to be sure you meet the needs of the dept and members and any applicable laws or standards.

I generally use what our volunteer retirement criteria is ; was 70 % meetings and trainings and now 50% for each for the year. But I do use a little leeway in what happens if they don't meet this.

We have no requirement for answering calls
Thank You everyone,alot off good idea's and tip's.

My dept, requires 5 hrs of training a month and you have to make 10% of the calls. If you do outside the dept, training like schooling or something with a different dept, then thats also considered as far as training time. If the records show you have not met the minimum then we will talk to you and find out why, if your just lazy then we will suspend you and mostly asked to leave due to wasting the deptartments time and energy
Our SOG and Job descriptions require the following. Firefighters must attend 75% of the regularly schedule practices we do schedule make up practices but they must be approved by the training officer. As for calls it is very loose but the job description and SOG’s require that fire fighters attend 60% of the calls in a designated period ie if they work predominantly nights or afternoons they would be required to attend 60% of daytime calls. It is becoming more and more difficult to find volunteers that can meet this requirements as more and more people travel longer distances to get to their work ? there is a long process which starts out with first trying to encourage the individuals that are not meeting the minimum requirements if that doesn’t work they meet with the chief and deputy chief and there is an attempt to try and come up with a workable solution to try and find why the individual can’t meet these requirements and an action plan is put in place finally after all attempts are made and there is no improvement in attendance the individual is released. This may seem harsh but with health and safety and liability issues it must be done to protect the firefighter, other members of the station the public and the station from any liabilities.
We have a min of 50 hrs drill, triple threat, and yearly mandatory tasks.
We are required to attend 50% meetings and 25% calls to be considered "ACTIVE" per department and state rules.
Not to mention all training requirements set forth by the state fire comission.

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