Funny or Embarrassing things that have Happened Before a Fire or at the Scene!

I thought I would ask this question kinda on a less serious note. A few years ago our Fire Chief at the time lived almost across the street from the Fire house. During the winter if there was snow on the ground and it was in the middle of the night you would actually see foot prints in the snow coming from his house to the Fire House. He would run across the street in his boxers and a t-shirt.

With the same Chief in mind, we had a structure fire. So of course he got the first truck going. I happened to live about 1/2 mile from the scene so I was right behind him. We were the first ones on scene. My Chief thought I had flaked all of the attack line off back of truck(which I did not yet). He charged the line and I kid you not that hose went at least 15 feet off the truck.

Now one of my screw ups. We were coming back from a call and I had the tanker. I was backing into the Fire House and I thought I was dead on the line. NOT! I did not here a sound or feel a thing until I herd some of the guys yelling at me. It turned out that I backed into the corner of the Fire House and took the wall with me. Boy was I the laugh for quit a wile.

Anyway those are a few. I hope to see a lot post so I don't think I'm the only Dumba@@!

I know there a a lot more out there. Don't worry you wont be jugged!

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When I first joined a fire dept. it was a brand new station and because the new truck was not yet ready we were given an old pumper tanker to start service. We were part of 6 stations so we were low on the pecking order and no amount of complaining was getting us a better more reliable truck.

Finally we were asked to participate in our communities annual parade and being as the parade lacked a great deal of participation we agreed. The truck wasn't much but we polished it up and turned on the lights and siren and drove the route. Next week the county weekly news paper reported on the parade. THE LAST LINE IN THE ARTICLE READ SOMETHING LIKE , the highlight of the parade was the antique fire truck at the end

We had a better truck that week and the blushing town council had our new truck within a month.
Didn't happen to me but turned out quite lucky.

After a well filled morning training for pump operator certification (wich was held on our territory), we pack up and leave for dinner. Pumper goes firs no problem, but tanker can't seem to go. So the driver backs for 2 feet and then drives forward and over the obstacle. in this case the wheel chuck (not sure how to spell it, i'm a frenchie...)., wich punctured one of the tires. So the two guys in the truck have a good idea, one of them as an exactly identical tire in is garage and as the necessary tools to change it. So they take their dinner time to change the flat.

All this could have been completely un-noticed if we wouldn't have had a well involved structure fire. The guys finished putting the truck back in service like seconds before we were toned out.

I can bet that guy will never do that error again!
Because of our seat belt policy, we had a lieutenant dressed and sitting with his seat belt on responding to a house fire. When they arrived at the fire, he unbuckled what he thought was his seat belt and proceeded to exit the apparatus.

The problem was, he had actually buckled the seat belt into his air pack harness. The waist strap had been buckled into the seat belt, which he undid. He really looked funny hanging upside down through the open door by the seat belt.
That reminds me of another one. Out here in the boonies we don't have hydrants so One pumper goes to scene with 2 tankers and the other pumper goes to a water sores usually a Dry Hydrant, well this day we had a Hay Barn fully involved. It just so happened that there was a farm pond across the road. So the driver positioned the pumper so we could draft off the front. We got out his elbow hit the door lock and the truck started to roll, yep right into the muddy farm pond. It was funny after all was done. I should mention that we were able to save the attached farm house.
quite funny in between us. But looks strange in any passer-by's eye.
I was going to wash the tender at my station at the time, so I went to pull it out of the bay when all of a sudden I heard a snap and then air escaping rapidly. I forgot to unhook the air hose attached to the tender. You would think I would learn from that incident and never do that again, but no I'm harded headed. Took the rescue out for a call one day, we got recalled on that so went back to the station, parked the rescue in its bay and plugged in the air hose. A few of us were standing around BS'ing when we got tapped again, we jump back in the rescue again and I take off, only to hear that same noise again. Took two incidents, but I believe I have learned that lesson now, a little bit paranoid about the air hose now, lol.
Not me but one guy ran to the firehouse in his boxers (he thoguht he had on shorts)

Got lost...really lost. Ended up coming back past the scene 15 minutes later (the alarm was 2 minutes away)

Ran out of air walking to the fire building and too embarassed to change bottles so I tucked my hose into my coat.

We were cleaning out new Squrt for convention. Since we already had one best appearing 2 years in a row we knew had a good chance. Until someone pulled it out and all we heard BOOOOM!!!! He left a compartment door open and pulled it off.

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