Does anyone know of any other manufacturer that offers full length front bumper crosslays that are sunk into the bumper? And what are your feelings on them. We have them and they seem to work great, and plan on getting them on our next truck, just looking for some more input.

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We have one on our Darley Engine and use it mainly for MVA's standby.....Paul
Is it just between the frame rails or does it go the full width of the bumper
We have a trash line on the front bumper of our truck that we just got it is awesome for quick deployment
Your next truck manufacturer should design and build your truck with the front bumper crosslays included. Just have to ask this to be engineered into your design. We have them on our E-one Engine. It is plumbed with a 2 1/2 discharge or suction. This adds another option for car fires and front attack.
Why does it have to be (jun)KME?
Both dept's I'm with {career & volunteer} have front 100ft front bumper lines, both are very effective and useful on MVA's and trash fires, one can also easliy add forestry hose to them for brush fires {no booster reels}. These lines are also very easy to place back in service.

As far as our volly rig it's been thought that a 2 & 1/2 discharge on the bumper gated to two lines 100ft & 150ft would have been better due to the amount of calls run in a rural area with narrow driveways leading to a small house or mobile home. The theory being that the driver just pull one discharge and set his pump and he's free to break & connect the supply line and other task's.
Just wondering since my Family owns business that reps for KME and my dept. runs all KME engines and a Rescue Squad . We rarely have any trouble and with rigs.

I get j-u-n KME which is new( Good one though) but I am used to the Keep Machinics Employed.
150' 1.75 preconnected to the front discharge, as well as 2 donut rolls of 1" for trash, brush, etc. This is an ideal place for another preconnected line, and shouldn't always be limited for special purposes. A hoseline is a hoseline. Since our first-due engine is really a 75' Quint, we almost always take the front anyways. This free's-up the other 3 preconnected crosslays for longer stretches.

Thought should be given to at least adding a 50' deadload to those 100' 'car fire" lines so you can quickly add to your stretch if needed.
no you dont have on on your darley engine you have a front suction there is a differnce
I have two(2) 1 3/4 preconnects in the front bumper,(200' each) and these are set in and ran the entire width of the bumper. I have only seen this done a by a few manufactures. HME is what ours is, does anyone else have the same?
You could check with Crimson fire and ask them about the Bowling Green Bumper if they offer it. I will try to post a pick tommorrow of it. 1 3/4 pre-connect and a high rise pack in it all covered by the lid with struts. Bell and fed Q on top and out of the way. Looks nice, big, and functional.

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