Friend Burned Library In Past; Will It Prevent Him From Becoming a Firefighter?

I have a buddy I went to school with who is a couple years younger than me.  He recently sent me a message saying that he wants to become a firefighter, so I gave him tips and things about school.  He is a great guy and would make an excellent firefighter BUT when he was 16 he and few buddies put a firecracker in the book return at the local library just as a prank, and ended up burning the whole place down.  Seeing as how he was a minor when it happened, and it was just a prank, what are his chances of getting in the fire service?  

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Was he charged with arson, is his record sealed. If he was a minor then his record should be sealed.
His chances would be slim to none with my chief, and most likely the none.

A prank is wetting someones duty shirt and placing it in the freezer. Placing an incendiary device (firecracker) into a bin full of books is at the very least; criminal mischief, or in my opinion, arson... not a prank.

A 16 year old would probably know better.
Sorry, but you can't fix stupid, 16 years old or not.

As much as I've been involved with our FD and knowing the Chief well enough, he would not stand a chance. Oldman, you're right on target on "pranks".
Thats kind of what I was thinking too. I guess I should probably tell him to get in contact with some people and find out. I'm not sure if he got arson or not, but regardless, a crime involving fire doesnt make it easy to become a firefighter. Thanks everyone.
Honesty is the best policy. If he is willing to find someone to give him a chance he can probably find a match, but he will likely do a lot of door pounding to find anyone willing to give him the opportunity to prove himself. Most of us made mistakes in the past, his went further then he expected and he will deal with that the rest of his life. If he tries to lie about the past you can be sure it will come up and bite him, probably at the worst possible time.
Honesty is the best policy. If he is willing to find someone to give him a chance he can probably find a match,

LOL Nice choice of words Matt. I don't think that kid needs another match EVER! lol

I am undecided as to whether the guy should be given the chance.
Come on, he was 16 and tossed a firecracker into a library book return? Unless the "firecracker" was a stick of dynamite, I doubt he could have foreseen the whole place burning down. Even I would cut him a break.
Freudian slip?
Really? You would cut him some slack? Well that settles it. So would I then. I don't think the kid did anything lntending to burn a place down. Hell even I did stupid shit.. (never stole a fire hydrant in my entire life though, ) and was given a second chance.. I turned out ok....well the shrink says I am making progess anyway... so Yah I say let the guy become a brother.
seriously though, I was just commenting on Matt's lil choice of words lol
The records of ba minor are sealed & it was a stupid teenage prank gone wrong. Unless he blurts it out to every person he meets. No one will ever know...Except the Firemen on this site, only because his friend, that would be you Trey told us.

Here's how his FD interviews will go.

Interview board: Tell us did you know Tery Ford in school?

Your Friend: Yes.


Next think you know he's depressed eating large amounts of donuts...Then he becomes a Cop!

Oh,the horror.
LOL and NOW you know...
Too darn funny! Seriously though, hard to say here without more info. Did this kid grow up into a responsible adult? Is he trustworthy? I knew a counselor who was quite good with domestic abuse cases. Had a very good reputation and awesome track record with his patients. We were bullin' one night and I asked him how he got into his line of work. He told me he was abused as a child and then later one day hit his wife. He freaked, repented and that was that.

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