No folks, I'm not talking about earning airline miles here lol. I mean the same people that call 911 over and over and over again. Just this morning the pager went off and I said to myself, "if i hear that address one more time, i'm gona choke somebody!" lol. Without giving too much imformation here... we have a guy that calls at least twice a week for abdominal px. We get on scene and this guy walks outside and lets himself into the back of the rig, of course once hes there, he never has any pain to complain about. Thats just one of many... I'm sure you all have your own "frequent flyers."

How does everyone deal with the frustration of showing up to these peoples houses over and over again for absolutly no reason at all

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posted by TJ
"We have several...One has to do with about the end of the month meds run out and well you can guess the rest. And we have one that sezs....and did you know an IV of salen soultion will bring you out of one lol. We just deal with it...We still respond on it if we are board we go....and if it gets to bad we have a Cop go talk..theyll stop for a while and then theyll restart. We had on that she called all the time once to twice a day for a couple weeks...we are a volunteer dept so we stoped responding...well on day she called and said she fell down the stairs...had neck pain back pain ect...i pulled up checked her and well as you know it was a fake....when the medics pulled up I asked them to bring me a C collor and a back board...straped her in that and had her ride code one the HMC.....well she moved after all this lol"

I'm calling BS here.


It's all "fun and games" and a big joke, right.


Because you are a VFD, you stopped responding? Nice way to open your VFD up to a lawsuit. I hope that your VFD has enough money in their accounts or adequate insurance to cover all of the zeroes when your frequent flier has a legitimate emergency and you failed to respond.

You assessed her and determined she was faking?

Do tell.. what is the level of your medical training at age 19?

EMT-B? First Responder? Paramedic?

I'm thinking Boy Scout first aid course.

Maybe you were a child prodigy/genius like "Doogie Howser, MD" and graduated from medical school at age 12...
whoa now calm down lol. I am not supporting the fact that they stopped responding by any means. However; maybe the powers that be at his dept. were really stupid enough to not respond to a call and yes, if that is the way they treat a situation like this, they had better be ready to open their wallets.

As far as the medic thing goes... I was an EMT-B by the time I was 19 so yeah... maybe he is too. I can say though that as an EMT-B, if I arrive on scene to a person who had fallen, I'm going to assume C-spine precautions, take a set of vitals, try to determine the MOI and do a trauma assessment. Basically, a pt. could easily fake themselves through all of those things. So yeah... I'm not sure how TJ would determine that the pt. was lying by doing a rapid assessment.
Man your a real ass you know that.. I am a Ga cert. First Responder my ID number is 01-02009-0048-FR. I am also in the process of getting my EMT IV. And yes I checked her.. She had nothing wrong with her. Pluse the fact that when I asked her what was wrong she said that she sat up and her hip was hurting. I said to her dispatch said you fell....her answere was oh yeah thats right I fell She was sitting on her couch with a cig in her hand and a smile on her face. She was out of her meds, and she wanted a ride to the hospitle to get her pain meds. She did this shit once to twice a month. We would ask what meds she was on and she would hand us the bottel and there all gone. The medics arrived and they checked her out said nothing was wrong with her. Thats when I said to them "Well this is a fall call with neck and back pain..We need a C-collar and back board right." The medics when and got them straped her in and took her. And so you know in the state of Ga. as a Volunteer dept. we can refuse to respond to any call no matter what it is.
When you get the same call over and over again and every time she is sitting on her couch smoking smiling and empty med bottles. (Mostly pain meds) You tell me what you think she really wants.. And when the medics started requesting SO to respond with us and she moves away right after that.. I dont know about you but I call that BS calls. And the medics agreed that we did the right thing with the c-collar and back board if she did like she said and really fell.
Wow... you're calling me an ass.. I'll take that as a complement. I have 28+ years on the job... I've been called a lot worse by far better men than you could ever dream to be.

"And so you know in the state of Ga. as a Volunteer dept. we can refuse to respond to any call no matter what it is."

Once again.. wow. So much for protecting life and property...

My wife and I have close friends who live in Georgia. I pray they don't live in an area where the FD can "pick and choose" to respond.
EMS and Fire calls are to different things...Yes we could refuse to go to a fire call but we wont and never have.. EMS well when you abuse the system.... Im sorry Im not in to big ah hurry at 3 a.m. when you have hurt your big toe again or something. But what ever I would never expect you to understand.

Ron Said
"Wow... you're calling me an ass.. I'll take that as a complement. I have 28+ years on the job... I've been called a lot worse by far better men than you could ever dream to be"

Tear Tear Im really really hurt let me tell you. Im gonna cry all night...Oh wait on that you can call BS
Alright kids... do you need to be separated? lol
One of ours is a blind lady whose oxygen hose often gets tangled in her chair or on a table. She has no caretaker or assistant to help her, so we get called. A lot.

Usually we send the command officer and the rest of us stage at the station or at home, ready to go in case anything worse happens.
Is staying at home really considered "staging"? lol

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