As I look at the DVD copy of "Backdraft" I just bought this weekend I think about the movies and TV shows of recent about firefighters are mostly about tragedy or hardship. "Ladder 49" "Backdraft" "Rescue Me" "Fireproof" "Chicago Fire" all have something tragic or some sort of hardship stemming either in the background or its part of the current storyline. Why are there no comedies or some sort of show showing the REALness of our career. Yes I know about the recent addition to public safety television "Sirens". Cops have it good either they have dramas that show everyday occurrences or they have comedies. Is it because many people look at us with such respect that they couldn't see the minor events of everyday life(i.e. the malfunctioning smoke detector or false alarm) or us shown in a comedic way? Or what do ya'll think it is?

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People don't call 911 when they're happy.  They call because there's a tragedy going on in their life.  If you want the show realistic at all, that's just how it's going to be.  I guess there's I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.  However most will always be dramas.

Who's going to watch a show about malfunctioning smoke detectors, fender benders and false alarms?

A couple of years ago there was a film company out looking for fireman in the volunteer sector. They were looking to spend a month with any FF willing to have cameras in their faces 24/7. They still my be looking. I will see if i still have there information. Maybe you could be the next Honey BoBo! 

If you get a chance look up Keystone Kops (comedy about cops). Thank goodness the Three Stooges portrayed firefighters only once! Good laughs.

I know that yes, no one calls us for happy things, and also a show of what really goes on won't be that interesting. I just made that observation mostly seeing as how our career isn't something that most people would, myself included, want to see a show where the firefighters are just for lack of a better word jackasses. It's just an observation I made that "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" is a standalone movie and honestly I'm ok with it I just wanted to know what everyone else's take on this is.

There is a British TV series about firefighters called "London's Burning" that is both accurate (or as accurate as you can expect a TV show to be) and amusing, sometimes downright hilarious.  I don't know if it is available in North America but I bet an internet search will bring it up.  As a long running TV series it has covered all aspects of life in the fire service and is a fascinating insight into how the British do firefighting.  If you can find it it's worth watching.

my favorite fd comedy is a spoof movie called firehouse and my 2 favorite ems spoof movies are mother, jugs and speed and paramedics

gotta agree with you on that, too much human drama in the job...we find the humor where we can and hope it don't get us in trouble

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