I know some dept's this is mandatory. OurFire Dept.

 is not we have a seperate ambulance service in our area I happen to be on both. I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on this.

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In our state, Michigan, in order to be on a fire dept. you must be MFR ( Medical First Responder ) trained and CPR is included with that. CPR and AED training are giving at the same time and is part of the MFR class. Each year we refresh on this. EVERYONE, not only fire/ems should have this training.
I totally agree I took my EMR class three years ago and am in the middle of my EMT class now. Most of the fire dept don't want it "I don't like blood and guts"is the excuse.
Here in MS you have to provide a CPR Card before you are even placed in a FFI/II Class.
Most factorys and coal mines around here require it anymore. My wife works as a administrative assistant at my department she is going to take it next week with us. We are a volunteer dept and what if some shows up and codes at the door while she there by herself. Or a firefighter doing station duties gets hurt and she is there already there doing her paperwork.
Why should a fire department not make it mandatory? I believe it is just workplace safety at the least.
Every first responder, no matter what type, paid or volunteer should be proficient in CPR.
Please tell me this thread is a joke....

There are defibs hanging in just about every public building, supermarkets, office buildings and shopping malls that are so simple to use a child could do it.. and your FD doesn't want them or doesn't want to have CPR training?

If the above is true.. you're FD is a joke, period. End of story.
First Aid and CPR training is part of our NFPA Firefighter 1 training. Mandatory!
Ron you can think what you wish, But to call someones department on here a joke is way out of line.
The greatest number of LODD's in the fire service is cardiac or stress related overexertion.

Therefore why would you not want to train everyone on a technique for which could save one of our own?

My vote is Mandatory.
What happens when the ambulance is busy... dont you wish you had a defib then. They are not difficult to use. If your department only responds to fires and not medical calls you are doing a disservice to your community. And please dont tell me its political... politics i hope dont get in the way of saving lives.
Really? I don't think so.
IMHO...all FF's should be certified in CPR and there should be an AED on the truck that responds first to every call. You never know when one of your own will go down.

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