Trust, or believing in others, is the foundation that builds a successful fire department, or any relationship for that matter. Without it, there’s little, or no, progress. With it, the organization moves to exciting levels and everyone enjoys their work. Without it, operations are unsafe and ineffective. With it, the organization thinks, prepares, and is ready to operate safely and effectively.

Recently Dalton Sherman, a young student from Dallas Texas, gave an inspiring speech at a teachers’ back to school conference. The theme was “Do you believe in me?” Watch the video, because this young man asks the same important questions that we need to ask:

Firefighters, do you believe in your leaders? Leaders, do you believe in your firefighters?

Firefighters, do you believe in you fellow firefighters? Leaders, do you believe in your fellow leaders?

Link to Dalton’s speech:

Talk about leadership at:

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Wouldnt leave home without it Bro. Trust is the basis upon what we do and live............................
Amen Chief!!!
use it and train with it
The sad thing is that alot of our guys have lost the trust in our number 1 in command. They feel he just sides with our township trustee and doesn't do anything for the good of the department or the community we protect. He has been Chief for 16 yrs. and here lately acts like he is just ready for a change. He acts like a run is more of an inconvenience to him and he doesn't seem to have the drive he did when I joined the dept.
Billy, Our Fire Department is great! Our members are very well trained, And work together well. When we get to the call everyone goes in to action! We are a very close family working together for one cause. It takes this in a fire Department to be good. I believe and trust in each one of our firefighters! They all operate safely and effectively.They all give 110% and more! Im very proud of our group!
I want to hire that kid to inspire our members. He truly exudes confidence and encouragement for people three, four and five times his age. That kid is exactly how leaders should approach their troops where it be the fire service, a construction job or a CEO of an international company.

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Our department has great leaders. They would not ask you to do anything that is unsafe. Overall I think that everyone trusts each other. We have a great bunch of firefighters and we are one big family looking out for each other.
Open communication, including accepting constructive feedback, is most important. Dalton is willing to ask the hard question, "Do you believe in me?" It's all about the relationship. Chief King said it well, "We are a very close family working together for one cause."
Yes, this event was well rehearsed. It was a perfect setting to hopefully motivate teachers (because we need them motivated). It's not the actual speech that's important (I agree, I can't see a leader giving this speech to their organization), it's the questions we need to ask ourselves: Do you believe in your firefighters, and fellow leaders? Do they believe in you? Real leaders do walk the talk, and ask themselves the hard questions. Understanding that will creates a relationship built from trust.
I come from a volunteer organization that responds to nearly 1300 EMS and fire calls per year. I know that without the trust and the confidence that our leaders extend to us as EMTB, EMTI EMTP or as a firefighter, company officer or what ever our roll may be on any given incident , great or small, we couldn't have the trust of our customers. We don't always get a chief officer on calls and some of us have to fill rolls that others out there may feel are for chiefs. I believe in my leaders because they believe in me.
Absolutely! Trust, just as respect, is earned, not automatically given.

Yes! CRM should be required for everyone. See my writings on CRM at:
Trust is the fabric that holds Departments together, without it firefighters tend to freelance and thats when things go bad not only on the fire ground but also in the fire house, but trust is a two way street. It must be both earned and given it is a must that leadership trust their firefighters but firefighters must also trust their leaders.

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