Any body got some good firefighter quotes please share them

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" Train like your life depends on it...... because it does"


"Let no mans ghost come back and....... say my training let me down"

It is what It is!
Lead, follow or get out of the way!
Close your mouth , open your eyes and ears and enjoy the ride !!
This is a huge saying in Afghanistan at all the departments around here in the contract world because we get crap equipment most of the ime depending on where you are. We had a chief who used that a lot but he used it to bring morale to an all time low lol cause he was all abouthimself and didnt care about his guys. I understand the saying about equipment and trucks but not when you are saying it is what it is because you have yours and pretty much saying screw your guys and crews. So whats how its used lol..
"There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer "   We had this painted on our newest engine
chaos = Chief has arrived on scene , one of my favorites

I heard this one from my Captain.  He said, "The best Chiefs are still Captains."

I always tell our Rookies ...   Never eat more than your mask can hold..... 
We volunteer to fight what you fear- author unknown
That about overs most of them Jeremy.  :)  My only question is, did you have that list saved in a document somewhere or are you bored today?  LOL! 

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