I am getting ready to start a firefighterI/II class in September, is there anyone that knows where I can find a syllabus for the class. It needs to be for the 5th edition. Any help would be great. I am not lazy, I just see no reason to reinvent the wheel. Thanks

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What is FF2 about mostly? I may be taking it in the fall also.
fire fighter 2 in ohio is your 240 wich is required by most full time depts
Look on knightlite.com
don't worry about it...its not hard at all. take it in stride.
Brad, check with you Indiana state Fire Authority. I dont know how it works in your state but here there is a state training agency that ultimately oversees or certifies firefighters and they are responsible to provide the curriculum for the classes or training. Dont need to reinvent the wheel. Someone out there in your state will have what you need.
First of all good luck i just finished my I & II in May we had fourth edition. It does vary by state though and i am in Michigan. Just practice your ropes & knots faithfully, for some reason that was the hardest part for me. Good luck though!
I know with most classes your Instructor will provide a schedule and a syllabus when the class starts.
I am finishing my FF I with the fifth edition (the book covers both FF I and II) but here in Colorado you can not test for FF II until a year after your FF I cert. It is a good thing the book has both courses, because you are already ahead by the time you start FF II. As far as the syllabus, I would imagine it is going to depend on your particular academy. I can send you a copy of ours if it helps you. Let me know, send me an e-mail address and I will send it over.
NO man or woman should have to ever jump off a perfectly good building. Im scared to death of hieghts so ya its just sucks for me
ya it kinda sounds like ur right on there dt
Hey, I'm thinking of taking FFII, can you still use Essentials 4th edition? Manuel would you mind sending me the FFII syllabus? Thanks John

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