Jackson city councilman Kenneth Stokes thinks the city needs to change ambulance companies or go into the ambulance business.

He's upset that a shooting victim had to wait 21 minutes for help last Friday night. The shooting was at the Pleasant Oaks Apartments on Bailey Avenue in the inner city at about 10 p.m.

Stokes says the victim, 25- year-old Lee Joseph Martin, had to wait 23 minutes for help because police had not secured the shooting scene. He held a news conference at the apartment complex.

"You have got to take the risk. You can't let citizens die. Because if you are wounded, you say I'm not safe. Now if you can't assume the risk then give it to the person who can assume the risk," said Stokes.

Monique Watson, the mother-in-law of the victim, had called councilman Stokes about the incident. "If you are scared to come over here and get somebody off the ground that's hurt, then you don't need that job."

AMR spokesman Jim Pollard said it is national policy that ambulances do not go into shooting scenes until they are sure the scene is secure and that is to protect emergency personnel.

"It's a policy of virtually an ambulance service anywhere in the nation, to protect the medics and EMT's, if an EMT or medic gets hurt, they can't help anyone else," said Pollard.

Copied this from FFclosecalls.com

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This is a city in Mississippi
Could say what he likes here. It isn't going to happen. Fire and Ambulance stay out until the earier is safe. I hope that somebody points out just where he is wrong, in such a way that he shuts up.
I agree here, it is as said, you stage down the road till the scene is clear of any and all hazzards like shootings or even a possible suicide in the making. We have attempted suicide calls all the time, and shootings not as offten in our County, and even the QRU or Quick Responce Unit, stays clear till told to come in. I feel it is an un due risk to put emergancy workers in harms way, for as said if they get hurt, then no one gets medical help. It is a sad situation Im sure and is tough to sit back knowing someone is hurt. The family will always ask Qs, for they dont know, they just lost someone they loved and as we all know hate and hurt tends to block good judgment at times. I dont know all the facts as to the reasons for the events said but I am sure it will work out in the end. At least we all can hope and God willing common sence will prevaile.
My brother-in-law's paramedic ambulance staff in Oregon is issued bullet-proof vests AND they are required to wear them AND they have bullet holes in their ambulances - since people shoot at the ambulance and medical staff for fun. And they have been on scene... and had to leave without the patients... since there has been active shooting with police and community people (sometimes gang members) around them. SCENE SAFETY !!!
One thing you can bet the farm on... you won't see the "Councilman" at any shooting incident....

Correction... he will be shooting his mouth off.... (insert rolling eyes smiley icon here)
I was thinking that too Ron.

When reading I thought to myself it wouldn't matter if the city took over EMS, the scene isn't safe.
"there has been active shooting with police and community people (sometimes gang members) around them" - just the sort of people I don't want anywhere near my community!
people and guns are mobile... it sucks but is spreading across America
Said it over at Statter, but whoever made the statement that the cream rises to the top has never met any politicians.

FWIW, according to dispatch records, the patient was treated within 7 minutes of dispatch. But I realize that facts matter very little to many people and most politicians.
"had to wait 23 minutes for help because police had not secured the shooting scene"

Perhaps the Councilbaby needs to address the real issue here. Why did it take LE so long to secure the scene?
21 minutes? Is that all?? around here if you get a ambulance in under 20 minutes you are very lucky, so i dont really see what the problem is.
I wouldnt go near it untill i was given the all clear and im the kinda guy whose first in and last out of nearly everything i do.
I guarantee that this same councilman would be the first one to berate an EMT for being shot going into an unsecured scene.

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