I just Found out that I have been accepted to become a Fire Service instructor .. i was wondering if any of you experienced fire instructors have any advice for a new instructor?

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I'm sure you'll receive tons of advice. Here's my laundry list

1) have passion - no one wants an instructor that isn't into what they are doing. If you are excited about it, they will be
2) Be prepared. Study and practice your material before you present it
3) You will make mistakes - no way around it. When you do admit it and use it as a learning experience. Check your ego at the door. No one knows it all.
4) Be open to suggestions
5) Be open to criticism
6) Plan ahead for several months. This will help you be prepared, but also be flexible enough to change as conditions dictate.
7) Do not belittle. Once you do the learning initiative is turned off for most people
8) Use positive reinforcement. Emphasis their strengths while encouraging growth and development in areas they are weaker at.

9) Have fun doing it!

Remember where you came from. Keep it simple and concise.
Control! Never, EVER loose control of the classroom. There will always be some one to test your patience. There are several ways to get around this, but it all depends on the individual who is disrupting. 'Know-it-alls' will sometimes challenge your validity. Don't entertain them, stay on tract. Offer to discuss it with them later, after class.

Move around. Keep their interest. Announciate. Do NOT be a monotone. Inject a little humor. Be patient and atually LISTEN to their questions.

Remember all those teachers and instructors who failed to captivate YOUR interest...why? Don't be like them. You will develop your own style in time. Be yourself, don't try to emulate anyone else. Being phony is so easy to spot.

Speak on what you know. With out experience, your nothing more than a power-point reader! A good, knowledgeable, experienced instructor can take a one sentence slide and speak on it for several minutes. And stay on course, stick to relevent, course content! Easy with the war stories too.
Congratulations on your promotion.
You have a daunting task.
You are literally training the future of the fire service.
Don't take it lightly, but it's OK to smile once in a while.
You should be very proud.

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