When this first came out , everyone was joining and communicating . Now when you ask someone why they are not on , they say the excitement is gone . Is it because we are all so busy these day s? Is it time to change the cover page ? Have we run out of discussions? I have personally learned things on this site that I am not sure I would have . Their are allot of great ideas here . And the photos , some are sad and some are very funny . I say , lets get this going strong again . Remember when we were all pushing to get the total joined to 25,000? It was climbing fast and then the brakes were applied . Talk to all on your department . Lets get new members and the old ones back . I recently sent a message to all my " freinds " and received 2 back .I spoke to allot of them that have said they just have not been on . Good luck to all . God Bless and Be safe .

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I, like some of the others here belong to another site. No, not FH... And my main allegiance is to that site. I also belong to a few others besides this one, and my limited time (and attention span... Don't go there Ron) means that I don't have as much time to invest in this one.

There's no lack of content, information or camaraderie that keeps me from participating more here, it's just a time issue. Some of us communicate on other sites, and to be honest, this one can be a bit hard to navigate. I've picked up some great information here, and will continue to do so.

Sure, the newness has worn off, and that can be a good thing. Now we can develop a patina, or any other term you'd care to use. On any site, the "die hards" will carry most of the good information and keep it flowing... Just like in the house. Besides, there is an old saying that I hold dear.... "Better to keep ones mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt". (Dammit Ron, don't go there either! You either Art!)

The bottom line? it ain't broke, so don't fix it.
Double posted.... See the next for what this one should have been...
This is still a good site. I am on here everyday to see whats going on but really only comment in a few of my groups. Dont get disgusted with the repeat forums just dont reply simple.The news here is up to date and this is a top notch site . I cant bring myself to leave,
She is being a brat again...LOL!!!!!!
Wings...that was exactly the word I was thinking of too...lol

The problem with the different groups, is that if you want to learn you have to check them all, it would be great if that were not the case. Come to think of it, if the latest activity would only update if someone posted and not when someone joins, that would be great too, at least that way I could just scan the groups I subscribe to.

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