I just was wondering why the chat room had to be shut down. Would it not be a cool and handy place to meet the brothers and sisters and have a good yip yap now and then? Instead of using the forums for communicating with others, I thought it would be a good idea to have a chat room again.

Now, I understand the problems that tend to arise when the room is open for the general public etc. All kinds of inbreds and trouble makers like to stir up their chit. I have noticed a few places where the room members  themselves police the goings on. If someone gets out of line and violates the set "SOGs" of the room,the moderators, or whatever they should be called... perhaps the FIRE CHIEFS, (there to keep order and FIRE the troublemakers out of the room) would keep the peace. Just a thought. Anyone agree, or is this the ultimate loser idea of the decade so far?  Web chief, have to considered the options? 

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There are no plans to add a chat room here, sorry. We tried it, didn't work. In our past sites we've managed, it has never worked. It's not financially viable to moderate, and impossible to control what goes on within. Sorry gang...not going to happen at least right now. Maybe someday down the road if it's better implemented or as we add features that are 'chat-esque' without being the traditional chat room.
Well that is certainly unfortunate. I don't understand the financially viable part.. but thats just me. I just thought I would ask. I did find a firefighter chat room. I will have to check into that.
There is no time to dedicate staff to monitor a chat room and self policing doesn't work, especially late at night (or even during the day for that matter) .. it's a fun service but, always more trouble than it's worth with complaints, inappropriate activity, etc...
The chats we have on these "discussions" are good enough for me.
Ralph, Norm.. yah fair enough. I certainly know from other chat places that there are always inbreds that seem to find their way in. But I really really hate the thought that in an emergency services chat room those inbreds and trouble makers exist. I mean, I have so much pride and admiration for the service, I just don't want to admit that there are indeed nut jobs amongst us. The bottom line is, its quite disappointing. There are some very intelligent people in the "nation" that I would enjoy getting to know and I just thought it would be much easier to be able to have a one on one chat. With that said, I certainly understand your points about how easily some discussions could get overheated.
Thanks for the feedback guys. and Ralph, thanks for calling me Brain. Prolly the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! lol
"Chat rooms" attract nothing but trouble from wannabees and badge bunnies. End of discussion.
Well its not like I lose sleep over a chat room. I don't chat that much anyway, but have in fact met some pretty good people and far from being trouble makers or wannabees or badge bunnies. That said, Chief - I do understand what your saying. I have seen some, and since you seem to be the authority having jurisdiction on this topic, I will respect your order. END OF DISCUSSION.
LOL Too funny Jack.

Not its not....

Yes, its pretty funny,

Not really...

Yah it is...
Only posting the link because it contains adult content which may be inappropriate for all the junior firechildren.


It's a bit creepy but funny, especially if you picture them all with their department hats and shirts on.

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