That show Trauma ever seen it?It just started a few months ago and they are cancleing the show and I don`t know why. I think it was a good show they need more shows like that.

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they need more shows like that, but they need to be more realistic ....
They cancelled it because not enough people were watching it. That means the show was either very well done - unlikely - or it was lousy. (Even by the standards of typical low-brow T.V. fare.) I nenver saw it, but I suspect it was due to the latter.
Trauma my wife is an EMT and I a FireFighter and all I can say is ..LMAO..thank god its done, the story lines were ok but the picture it painted of EMTs and medics and FD were beyond the blonde medic who has credits to be a Dr ruptures her spleen and is back in a week?..I am on the couch after eating a bad burito this show has a major near fatal injury back and full duty in a week. then the gas truck burning and emts running around it but no fire trucks or foam..oh the same show with the blonde hurt in a rig wreck..the fd shows up to cut the crew out and no tools turnouts wide open no gloves..2 people getting worked on and are told go to another vehicle , instead of splitting the crews since 2 trucks rolled up..oh and there were no police for traffic on that one.they should renew it for the comedy. Just my opinion since ya
Travis why dont you find a web site for kids your age???? You really need to move on before you gey people all pisse-off again with the things you post!!!!!!
NBC ordered three more episodes to make it sixteen shows instead of ending it at thirteen. It could mean the show might make a return. Now the other thing is that Comcast Cable is going to buy up most of NBC and its NBC cable channels and Universal Studios.
The show has its flaws because if it doesn't go into a lot of what really happens on the street or it cuts corners to get the needed footage of film to make the show what it is. If they had the same people that made "EMERGENCY" it would be more lifelike but we have people that make shows that entertain the masses and not the few that do what happens on the streets.
The show is going to ended up being shown in other countries after its dubbed and you can guess what those people will think of the way we operate on the streets.
the show is fiction, you guys take it to seriously yes they do things that would never happen in real life but welcome to tv world if it was accurate it would be boring.
That had to be the worst show I have ever seen. But, once again you are showing your immaturity and lack of knowledge. Anyone in the field that has any experience at all, would say how bad that show was. Good riddance to Trauma.

On the flip side, at least you use capitalization and punctuation this time.
that first in seems to be an ok show... just watched the first episode, will watch the others when i have time...........
I wonder what anyone would think of this show?
You said it Joe!
Ya I know some of the things in Trauma weren`t the best.But I think they need more shows like firefighting or paramedics/emt.They don`t got shows like that all they really got is like cops and csi.And with movies to the only firefighting movies I have seen that are good are Backdraft and Ladder 49.But I don`t know why they make those kind of movies.All the movies they make are cops.It is not far and I am sorry if i had mad anyone mad like I have.
Travis, check out "Towering Inferno". An oldie but a goodie.

I thought y'all were talking about that show "trauma-life in the ER". I was thinking, hell, i kinda liked that show. Then I realised you were talking about a new show. And when so many people have bad things to say about it, I think I will stay away from it.

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