One of my most embarassing moments, we were assisting on a tree into a house on Ferris Rd. This was before we had map books on the engines. Ferris Rd was only a block long of a 20 mile road. We got so lost we ended up about 5 miles away and callboard calling us every 5 mins. We finally found it coming back from the other direction.


While I promised myself I would never get lost after the above incident, while covering a station during a funeral we got hit out for a house fire. I'm thinking I know right were that is. So we along with an engine from Jersey go rolling following the stations ambulance. As we're coming to the road the ambulance keeps straight. I look at the officer and he says follow them. Okay the Street while not numbered would have been 42nd St. After getting to 30th I'm yelling at the officer that the street was back there. He saying follow them (the ambulance) At 25th st I say the hell with this and turn around and go back coming in the opposite direction. Come to find out the Ambulance crew was also a cover up crew and had no clue were they were going.


But the worst..I was an officer and heard the disptach as 307 Manlove Pl. So I repond to that location and give the report, nothing showing etc etc. An intoxicated man comes to the door like nothing it wrong. .....the problem was the correct address was 307 Cedar Ave cross street Manlove Pl. And they had smoke showing.... took a while to live that one down.

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Heard this one today: A neighboring department was dispatched to a smoke investigation. They got on scene and their size up was "smoke showing." Then they advised they were cutting a lock on the gate to gain entry. After a couple of minutes they disregarded all incoming and said their "smoke" was actually pollen coming from a tree. Oops.
Driving down the hwy in a Ford Cabover engine, someone had oerfilled the oil so it spilled onto the exhaust manifold and commenced to smoke, I thought it was on fire and called for a dispatch for a commerical vehicle fire.
I think the weirdest part of the story is the street named "Manlove". (not that there's anything wrong with that) lol
The development is named for Buford "Boots" Manlove who was one of our chiefs and the black President of the County Chiefs Association. Very well loved and respected man. I guess its just one of those names that catched people funny sometimes.
I apologize. I didn't mean to make light of the memory of a great man. Sometimes I don't think before I post.
No offense taken Brian. Today Manlove means alot more then a name.
1-rescuing a kid sized doll

2-my lieutenant "dreaming" up a call (and us calling him martin luther loo for a while)

3-watching and listening to two companinies reporting conditions...(while pushing the fire on each other)

4-encasing "accidentily" the chiefs car with overspray in extreame cold
just had this happen the other day ,

call to rubbish fire causing concern , we rock up the boss and I climb out to start talking to a group of 2o year old having a small party with a bonfire , a very loevly looking young lady walks over give me a hug and and then i notice that she has no top on and all she wants is to show the boys that she likes firemen , needless to say it certainly made up for the fact that it was 2 am and we hadnt even had our dinner yet ,
No Ralph, that was to make you go; ummmmmm, ummmmmmm. And it worked
What's even worse than that, JPC, I have people who try to go to the wrong address in their own response area.
We had just gotten our brand new tanker....on a mutual aid call for a rural department our brand new tanker shiny paint and all....2000 feet of freshly laid supply line in the bed....didn't quite make it to the there was now 1500 feet of supply line freshly laid in the road.....thank goodness there were no vehciles following.

Needless to say....a brand new hosebed tarp was ordered before the truck got back to the station.

One I stood across the field watching fire operations on a 200 acre grass fire I see one of our brush trucks pull up to a fire line on the black side. Out jumped the passenger in the truck who promptly set about pulling the booster line to start attack. Then I notice the driver....also out of the truck....and the truck...still moving down a hill towards a pond...before I could key up my radio...I see the fireman on the booster line waving his arms and yelling something at the driver, he then takes the boster line and in a move that a rodeo champ would be proud of wrapped the booster around a tree (as if that would have held the 2500lb truck) and jumped into the driver side of the truck and got it stopped and put in park. Needless to say....the driver of that truck (a LT by the way) got all sorts of cool stuff for fins, a snorkle...a gear shifter that said park on it, a dive mask, a life jacket, a life ring....and it is still legend.
Hell I tell ya whats embarassing...showing up to a fire with an empty engine.Someone forgot to fill the truck up with water on the last call and we showed up with an empty truck but luckily our other Engine was full so our Driver went to the nearest hydrant while we helped the other crew.We handled the situation pretty good and needless to say the person in charge that didn't make sure the truck was full from the last call was reprimanded

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