Last week I went to lunch with some co-workers (non-FFs) and the discussion rolled around to my involvement with the FD. One of the guys said "well, you must have guys that just join the department for the drinking". This recalled to mind another comment by someone, some years back, who swore that ALL volunteer FFs drank at the station and "those who say they don't are lying".

In my department you might find a 6-pack or two if you look in every nook and cranny, but we really don't touch the stuff on drill night or after calls, or meetings. There just isn't stuff to touch. In the late 80s we had the converted soda machine that dispensed several brands of beer but we got rid of it because the Jr. FFs were becoming interested in the stuff.

So - what is your department policy or practice regarding alcohol in the firehouse?

NOTE: 10/16/09: I started this thread over two years ago to gather input from other volunteer firefighters on FFN as it was then. The new theme is, what steps can we take to make America's fire houses 100% dry?

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Zero tolerance for alcohol at the station, showing up for calls or training with alcohol in your system. Go to a bar afterward if you want to drink, and don't show up until the alcohol's out of your system.
Like most everyone else it's zero tolerance here.

This has always been one of my biggest pet peeves. When I first started I was amazed at the number of people who would show up for calls after having a couple drinks. I'm so anal about it that I will not respond after taking the first sip. I know that I'd be the one that the prude would want to talk to and would smell it on my breath, and would file a complaint. No sense in it IMO.

Another pet peeve of mine is wearing FD shirts at the local bar. That sends the wrong impression IMO.
In our Fire Department Alochol is not aloud at all. because of the 2003 case of 16 year old ANNDEE HUBER, the WY. FF explorer who was killed while responding to a grass fire and the driver of the Tanker tuck was drunk at the time of the crash. 47 year old Ron Callier was responisble and severed on 208 days in jail and was ordered to pay only 9,000$ to Anndee's family. he got off easy. I dont mean to be harsh, but i absolutely hate drunk drivers. my girlfriend Tammy was a DUI victim. all i have left is pictures of her and a headstone to talk to at the cemetery.
well back in the day i'm told all the guys(cause there were only guys then!) would get completely tanked and then run fire calls.
well policy now is, you cannot drink on fh property. unless the commissioners vote on an accpetion, such as a special occasion celbrating 100 years or something

and if you go on a call and your officer smells alcohol on your breath you get one warning then suspended
No alcohol in the station, the majority of our firefighter do not even drink, some will have a beer or two on occasion, at their own home.
I personal had a small party in my back yard,with the majority of people there being firfighters, I think one of our firefighters has a total of 6 beers in about 5 hours.
The crash involving Andee Huber - wasn't that the one where there were four people in a 3 person cab? I know there was one involving a girl junior fatality involving a tanker w/ 4 people in the cab.

Ben, sorry about yor loss of Tammy. Thanks for sharing.
I'm surprised (and PLEASED) that so many have a zero tolerance policy these days. We volunteers need to band together and educate the public, and try to break down the stereotype.

I wonder, by the way, of the image or misperception of vollies being "drunken bums hanging out at the firehouse" adds to the battle of "career vs. vollie" that some people like to fight?
Is this a volunteer or career department? I have heard of a lot of volunteer departments having a pint after training, or hanging out on a Saturday night, but never in a career department. Doesn't mean it never happens I suppose, but it certainly never should.
Our firehouse allows no alchol of any kind. We have a drink we can't go on a run or anything else with the deparment. Our chief looks out for all of us on and off duty. We have a soda machine. but they dispence soda. Even though some fires a ice cold beer would be nice.
You have a soda machine we have a green fridge that is stocked well with pop and water cost is only 50 cents,
we are not allowed to have alchol on the fire dept grounds.
There is absolutley no room for drinking and firefighting coming together. Every decision we make can be a life or death situation and alcohol blurs those decisions, even just "one" drink.
I agree completely. Just one drink can alter your judgment.

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