Hi all, im an assistant chief of a rural fire company and im looking for some drill ideas if anyone has any.


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There are all kinds of drills that don't cost much or anything.  Here are a few I have done.

1)  I took a piece of scrap plywood and some 2x4's and made a half hieght wall with an opening from stud to stud (14 3/4 inches) x 20 inches high.  I use this for them to practice a limited access opening while wearing full ppe and scba.  They have to doff the scba to get through, leaving the face piece in place, then redon on the other side.  I usually add a connecting the RIT pack drill, and a firefighter rescue drag drill into this.


2)  One of our guys made a very simple forcible entry mock up for practiing with a Halligan.  Works great.  Let me know if you want some pictures.


3)  We have done relay drills using hydrants an shuttled water.  We incorporated and hose handling drill into this drill to keep guys busy,


4)  Get an old junker vehicle for car fire training.


5)  Get an old junker for extrication training.


6)  Run a lift a car ai-bag drill.


7)  Run a hose advanceent drill in the apparatus bay.  Have them try to advance a charged line down the side of one truck then back the other way in between 2 trucks then back down the other side of truck 2 then out the back door and spray water.


That is just a start.  Make the drills 1 to 2 hours long.  Keep as many people involved as possible.  Most of all try to make them interesting and fun if you can.


One thing would be to look at your respnse area for ideas to drill on. Maybe do a area drill where you get the crew together and ride around and look at possible hazards areas and meet with the owners who could tell you and your crew what to watch out for.

Look at your roadways or access areas to properties for any problems for your apparatus responses.

If there is new construction in your area go look at during the construction to know about it. 


Hey Don, any chance I can get some pics and info on the entry prop?

I will take a few shots of it next time I am at the station and send them to you.  It isn't pretty by any means, but is does teach tool placement, the way to manipulate the Halligan, andf the actual prying motion to break the dowel acting as the latch.  It can be used to pop the door towards you or away from you.

One of the next drills I am going to run is a "responding in" drill.  A crew on the engine responds in, has to force the door on our prop, advance a hoseline down a course made up of fence posts, and knock over a cone.  I may add having the forcible entry crew set-up and start the PPV fan.  Multiple activities like at a real incident AND the pump operator having to supply the attack line with the proper pressure.



Thanks Don. Ive been looking for a good door prop thats reasonably priced. I've seen some nice ones but they are out of our budget right now. Thats a good idea for putting all those tasks together. We just got a house to use for a few months and start tommorrow. We are starting with S&R, hose lays/advancement, pumps, and RIT set up tommorrow. Putting multiple tasks into one training is great, especially when you have a large group and want everyone to get something in and not just stand around watching.

I would be very interested in the photos of the focible entry mock up.  I have been trying to come up with something similar.

www.averagejakeff.wordpress.com click the tab drill of the month....ENJOY

you can also build a similar prop to what Don described and practice the Denver drill.  cheap and easy are also the Mayday situation and RIT response.  these are never practiced enough and may be needed one day.

Go to facebook and look for my Captain, Dale G. Pekel's videos.  He has several on RIT and self rescue.

My department takes tables in the basement and lays them on there sides to form walls for search and rescue drills. You take wax paper and crush it up and put it in the firemans mask and make them search.

Mayday,Mayday,Mayday. You can't drill on it enough !!!

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