I have  seen  these  beast  of a truck at demos shows , and  think they  are tuff .  I guess post pics and any problems with them.

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Don't have one, but had a demo bt a dealer when we were looking to spec a new aerial. Some impressive design features, impressive technology as well. However it was far from something that I felt was viable for our department.

The apparatus iteself did not have the room or compartment configuration we wanted. The bucket/platform was not in any way impressive to me. It is detachable, and can be removed by a few firefighters. The waterway was not "hard-piped" all the way, and had a section of soft sleeve-like hose. The basket was, in MY opinion, far inferior to US built platforms.

However, as for the actual aerial LAADER itself, it is well engineered, and well manufactured, with technology superior to some American-made ladders.
Kennet Square Station 24 of Chester Coiunty PA has one. A past? chief is a sales rep I beleive.
we have a metz !
you can see it on my photo!
James, I served on a volunteer department in Germany for 9 years and we had (still do) a Metz 23/12 rear mounted ladder on a Mercedes chasis. 23/12 is how the Germans designate the height of the ladder, 23 meters from the tip to the ground when the vehicle is stationed 12 meters away from the building. Our ladder had a detachable bucket so it could be used as a straight stick or platform. We kept the bucket mounted due to the fact that it was easier to remove than attach. The average time for two firefighters to remove the bucket was 2 minutes verses 3 to attach. I'm not sure if Metz pre-pipes the waterway here in America but they did not in Europe, we kept a 30 meter length of 3inch rolled at the base in case we were going to use the vehicle as an elevated stream. The ladder was capable of below grade operations as well as above grade. The controls were able to be operated from both the bucket as well as the seat mounted at the ladder base. I was often the ladder driver and found the truck as well as the ladder to be excellently designed and easy to use. I would strongly recommend looking at a Metz ladder if your department is in the market. You can see the truck at www.feuerwehr-alzey.de if you need any help with the German translation let me know.
James we looked hard at these trucks when specing out our quint, however the dealer spec'd a demo unit and it wasn't what we were looking for chassis wise, engine wise etc. Mnay neat features and impeccible craftsmanship. However we had some concerns about not having a prepiped waterway, small basket and little compartment space and ground ladder space. Just a different type of vehicle than what we americans are used to. In the end we had too many concerns and not enough answers. Great trucks w/ the right department. We did like the overall size of the vehicle, aerial operation and construction.

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