Do you take a line in or just forcible entry tools?

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Nope. We don't have hose lines on the rescue squads. The rescue squad performs the search. Truck companies also have interior crews. They perform forcible entry and ventilation from inside while also doing quick searches. Our trucks also do not have hose lines on their piece. The only people with hose lines are the engine companies obviously to extinguish the fire. Personally I would not want one anyway. It just slows you down.
i agree with you but where i am now its believed that if you encounter the fire, you need to extingush it. i diasgree (case by case) because if you are doing a search you dont need a handline you need to search. i ahd a chief say once that "you can replace the building, people take a little more effort"
great answers, definetly up for debate, yes if you see a fire you want to extingush it. But if you are searching for someone, you figure you have hand tools already and going room to room doing a right hand or left hand search the hose would become more of a hinderence then anything.
Here we have 2 pumpers and a truck respond to house fires. Our stations are so close together there is not more than a few seconds between arrival times. The first in pumper takes in a preconnect with 2nd. in doing primary search and water supply to first pumper. By the time the first in flakes lines the second in is there.
Not unless you are the on attack hose. Our trucks do the searches and never take a hose. Someone else is putting the fire out.
Depends entirely on what is encountered at the time and depends on the rescue potential. Basically if a single engine crew was first in with fire showing (appearing to be room and contents) and a report of someone still in, it is possible to do a quick search with a line.

However, I don't personally like searching with a line, it does slow you down. Besides when searching with a line, it puts you in a quandry as to what you are to do when encountering either fire or victim first. Do you remove the victim, or do you fight the fire? Best thing to do, IMO,is have an attack team, a back up, and a search team seperate. A primary search should be quick, a hoseline only slows you down.
We're a bit more rural, so we drag an attack line through during the primary search. Much safer if you don't know when the next due is going to arrive. It also takes a lot more time and I hate it, but in this context, it makes sense.
If you need a hoseline to do the primary search, your chances of finding a live victim are very, very poor.

Our standard search team items are a search rope, a thermal imager, the irons, a water can extinguisher, and a New York hook or 6-foot pike pole. It doesn't matter if we have an engine, quint, or truck crew doing the search - all are equpped for it.

The only common exception to not having a hoseline is the "Search to the Fire" mode that the 1st due engine routinely does. Generally that means a negative primary search in the pathway from the exterior to the fire, then fire attack with other crews doing a more detailed secondary search as well as primary searches in the exposures - especially above the fire.
Great Discussion Guys, I have heard many different opinions. I wanted to start doing some of these discussions to hear from Veteran Guys and Guys like me who have been in for a little and are just starting out in an officer position. Thanks guys
So if you arrive on a truck company and encounter fire, how would you extinguish it? If if there was a hose line on your truck for some weird reason, it takes time to put out the fire. This is especially true if you have multiple rooms off. We all have jobs to do. Each position on each company knows what he has to do prior to even arriving on scene. I know most can't do that because they don't have the large response that we do. Smaller departments usually say to have a hose line for protection at all times.
My last structure was no hose line no no rope and going in alone. It was just me and the cheif he was prepping the engine and we always packed up ( SCBA's) on the way to the calls. Anyway smoke coming out of structure and toys in the yard so we had to do an immediate search and couldnt wait for the second engine company to arrive. No victims and fire was contained to one bedroom faulty lamp started the blaze.
No we don't you either do a search or strech a line, with that being said it is to the benfit of the search team to make sure there is a line in place to protect them. Nothing save more lives then a properly placed hoseline

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