I just heard that a group of Fire Explorers were witiness to be climbing on, dancing and running around our county LODD memorial. I was wondering what punishment these young people should endure for this? 

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First of all there "leader" needs to go. depending on the age of the kids have them do maintance on the memorial and how about having them do research on the people this memorial stands for. Have them find out how these deaths effected the community, the fire depts., the fire fighters families, as long as it does not bring more pain to the families, and then they might get an idea of what this memorial is really all about. If that does not bring about a change in there attitude then they might need to be let go.
Fire Explorers should know better. Yes, they are teens but as soon as they join the dept as a fire explorer they are a member of that dept. And should be treated as such. So for a group of explorers to treat a LODD memorial like that they have no clue about the fire services. We are a brotherhood, and any death should be taken as if it was your own. GROW UP> and respect the men and women who was before you and paved your way. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the ones before us.
Have them posted around the memorial announcing to all who ask why they are there they they kids who like to disrespect our fallen brothers, 2 months probation (i.e. one more screw up like that and they will be asked to leave the explorer program), and if the are asked to leave the explorer program they shill be "black listed"from other departments explorer program.
I have a different perspective.

If I were a LODD, I can't think of a better way to be memorialized by the next generation of future firefighters enjoying themselves around a monument to firefighters.

They might not understand the nuances, but after all, they're just kids.
If they don't understand the nuances prior to having some fun at the memorial, then that is the responsibility of their MIA adult supervision, not the kids.
Being an explorer myself I would expect any of my fellow explorers to be suspended for no fewer than 4 months. Everyone says, "they're just kids, they don't know any better." 6 year olds don't know better. By the time you're a teenager and are accepted into the explorer program you should know better. If you can't learn to respect not just LODD memorials, but anything that isn't yours then you obviously haven't been disciplined enough as a child.
Well, as they say there are 3 sides to every story. First, you need to get all the stories told and don't make any rush judgements until you have ALL the facts. Remember that you are an organization and that you should follow the SOG's set forth by YOUR dept. Look into the story and talk to each person involved individually so that the story doesn't get bent or swayed by peer pressure. It may take some time to get to the bottom of the truth, but it should be well worth it in the end. I believe that this is just the perfect example as why newcomers to the fire service need mentors to show them the way. And there also needs to be a Traditions/History/Ceremonies and CISM sections included in the FF courses around the country. From the beginning the newbies need to learn about respecting those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Now, as for punishment, there are alot of things that can be done. Cleaning and maintaining the memorial, learning and researching each name and situation behind each death and have them make a presentation to the rest of the fire dept. Make the explorers explain and apologize for their actions ( if neccessary ). My thoughts. Mike.
Even though i am a Junior, The thought of this would never cross my mind. A LODD Memorial is a tribute to our fallen brothers and sisters, Its no place to play. Wether it be firefighters, police officers, Troopers, Soldiers, they all deserve the same respect for helping keep our country safe. With my station this would not be tolerated, the explorers would more than likely be dismissed from the fire service, and thats the least. With my father a State Trooper, and grand father a retired Professional Firefighter I have the utmost respect for these brave men and women. Hopefully nothing like this ever happens again. This shows these kids have little respect for them. May they Rest In Peace.
Stay Safe,
Each Explorer should have to select a person on the memorial and write a 1000 word essay on the person and how they came to be on the memorial. included should be a photgraph of the deceased. then they should read it in front of the department and on their death anneversey place flowers on the memorial. OUT OF RESPECT every time i go to Florida State Fire College, i make it a point of placing ONE FLOWER on our memorial. honoring our deceased brother and sister members is something that should be taught
good response Ben (thumbs up)

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