Delivering a baby How many on here have done it? I am talking on a EMS call, Was it that bad? I have delivered several types of animals. I would like to deliver a baby there are few like me on are dept but most are terrified and think I am crazy. (praying it's not breech)

Tell me about your experience maybe I am crazy.

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I did. Found the pt at home on the second floor with her husband, both of them were fully clothed sitting in the bath tub. WTF! We managed to get her out of the tub and did the delivery about a minute later. A relative took a picture of me holding the baby and said they'd send me a copy but that never happened. Still the highlight of my career. A few years later I actually ran into the patient while shopping for meals and she ask me if my name was Al? I said yes and she told me who she was, she actually began to cry. I asked about the kid and ask for my picture and she said she would bring it by the station. I'm still waiting. That reunion was about two years ago.
Mine was was in a ghetto trailer park in the middle of a run down dirty trailer, once the child was born the mom didnt even want to hold it because she wasnt going to keep it. She said she didnt even know she was pregnant.

I would shy away from doing it again but if I had the chance I would hope the experience was a little better.
a total of 4 little monster's brought into this world by me.
my very first one was 1yr out of emt school in the back of the rig, talk about being scared shitless, all while trying to be modest in school they talk about modesty.
well from the mother's side she threw that modesty out the back door, believe me that ease the tension a whole lot and let me tell you he was a little bowling ball almost 10lbs, but it all went smooth baby and mother was fine,i was a little nervous
baby number 2 came out in the parking lot of the er, my partner ran in to get us some help by the time the Calvary came, i was cleaning up child tying off cord.and for the last 2 they were my own in the or my wife's ob very cool old polish guy, who knew my job and had know it was old hat for me,he called me up to the table and i went to work mind you i have big boys they were c-section all i got to do was pull them out very good moments in my life would not mind reliving them over and believe it or not i cried all 4 times to the point i was choked up and could hardly speak i don't want to sound like an idiot but it was kinda fun
MONSTERS - where is your district - SESAME STREET ???

I spend every call trying to get the mama to keep the baby IN until she gets to the hospital.... LOL

and there are mixed stories about the ones that came out - so let me think about it and get back to you on that part of the answer
We had a pregnancy call this past July 4th, and I was pulled off the engine crew to drive the medic, and before we rolled they delivered in the back....As close as I have come so far.
I have 13. I've delivered in trashy homes, upscale homes, and in vehicles. It makes no difference. You are helping to bring a new life into the world. Perhaps someone who will help save another life later.
Well, I have not delivered a baby before, I have 2 on the way and they are due February 9th, and with the weather around here... and it is supposed to be a bad winter... the guys on my department are making fun that they are going to deliver these 2... I myself know I would never live it down... So im crossing my fingers if i need their help.. its keeping them in till i get to the hospital!!!
Congrats Ashley my nephew and niece have had babies this year. Nephew had twin girls in April, Niece had a boy in July. Nothing like a baby to make the world seem right again. :o)
Take care of yourself and the babies.
i did not mean anything bad by calling them monsters but you know how the so called terrible 2's are sometx their little monsters i love kids thats just my knickname for them
During my 38 year career as a firefighter paramedic, I have personally delivered 10 babies in the field and if you include my three kids, then I suppose I can say 13 total.

My three most memorable?

1. Hearing impaired mother that made absolutely no sounds during the childbirth on her bathroom floor.
2. 15-year old hispanic girl giving birth in the Der Weinersnitzel bathroom where i told the pervert manager to run to the store and get me a bun big enough to catch the kid!
3. MVA with rush hour traffic in an upside down vehicle with extrication... The baby made it, but the mother did not.

And people wonder why i am twisted...

Have delivered two in my career. The first was 17 years ago as a rookie firefighter. We arrived to the apartment to find her lying on the floor in her living room and her water had already broken. It was pretty much text book as her contractions were close together, she had delivered babies previously and all had gone well with this one. we prepped her and the baby was delivered a few minutes later without complications. The second time was about four or five years ago. We arrived at a home in the middle of the night to find her sitting in her living room. Her water had broken as well (if I remember right) but she was not due for a month or so. She too had delivered a baby prior to this one and all was well with the previous and this pregnancy. Her contractions were not frequent or very close together so we felt we had time. As we moved her to the gurney and to the ambu I took the opportunity to visualize and holy cow! it looked like we did not have a lot of time. We ended up delivering in the back of the ambulance while en route to the hospital.

Thankfully, both deliveries were textbook. During my hospital time while I was in paramedic school we are required to to do a minimum of two shifts in the L & D ward. There I delivered about twelve babies of all different scenarios. Obviously those, while many were more difficult deliveries, are different because we have an entire specialized staff and I was an intern. Great experiences though just the same. I have three of my own but did not deliver any of them. Heck, that is what the docs are paid for.........

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