What if u was a rookie and the woman or man was a captian and you had the hots for them! How would u handle ur relationship on the job as well as at home! What will other co-workers say? And how will your chief take to you having a thing for ur captian? 

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Sounds like an episode of Dr. Phil....Or Jerry Springer if your captain is also your sister pregnant with your fathers child...

Is this a serious question?  Please tell me it isnt...Im loosing faith in the quality of topics here...

  Let me see how should I respond to this topic? Oh,yes.    Who gives a Shit.

More important... what if u was a rookie and ur captain told you that u needed to start using proper english and not writing like u were texting...when saying u had the hots for him/her or while communicating ur feelings an trying to stir something up with ur postings..or even more important..to continue ur employment or have ur chance at promotion.. how would U feel?....ur!

Well Lark,after viewing this absurd forum I just had to visit your wall to see whom this was coming from.

Quite frankly I would be more concerned with acquiring a firm grasp of the English language and spelling.

Besides Truck 55 and Moose pretty much summed it up  !

The "grasp of the English language" notwithstanding, it's actually a legitimate question.

Rookies can be hot for the Captain without being able to use proper English spelling and grammar?  I thought that was against the rules for rookies.  I'm sure I've seen it written down...somewhere.



If you were a rookie...Keep your damn mouth shut about it.  Get through your probabtionary period.  Keep your head in the job and your mind on the books and training schedule of a rookie.  IF after your rookie year you still feel the same way approach the Captain OFF DUTY, OUTSIDE the fire station about how you feel.  A couple of things, be prepared for rejection, and be strong enough to keep your emotions outside the fire station regarding her at work. 

Thanks! I asked because a friend on a department had said he had feelings for his captian, he's just about at the end of his probie year and he wanted to know what was my thoughts on it!  I just told him to focus on the job at hand an try not to get wrapped up in it and lose your job!!!!  That's just my thoughts on it an why I posted it!

Hi Lark. Nice improvement over the first posting. Thanks for that. I don't think anyone expects perfection with grammar and proper english, but as I am sure you see, there are many who feel that bad english and poor grammar really does give the emergency services a very bad, and uneducated image in the eyes of our customers who might be reading our stuff.

Like Philly said above, when you think about this, it really is a legitimate concern and one that should not be ignored.  But, as a rookie.. well.. Don says it best.


Even though I'm old and mean, I tell every one of my people: I am not your friend, I am your supervisor. I will be friendly, helpfull, and will teach you everything you want to learn about this job. This is a business, and business is business, and personal is personal. I do not mix the two, and that definately includes fraternization.

A wise man once said, there is a reason why dogs who are crate trained will not deficate in their crate....

If the fire service is a family, would you really look at your brother or sister in this way? Yes, I know there are parts of the country that, shall we say, "keep it in the family".

But would you?

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