Curious: How often does your department have training? Whether it be volunteer, full time or combination. What are the trainings like?

My dept is combination. We train once a week with the same training held three times per week. One week is usually medical held in classroom. The rest of the month is skills on the training facility or sometimes houses that will soon be demolished. Let's see how everybody else trains.  

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My department is all volunteer we have training every Monday night but soon were going to get are own explore training as extra every other week

County mandated/supported quarterly EMS online testing & lecture with skills training: online training & testing (approx. 20 min. for online test), lots of written & video material to support training; lecture & hands-on scenario with skills testing-  approx. 3 hours.

Department annual training: Technical Rescue Ops level training & rescue scenarios- hvy rescue, con-space, rope; Marine FF Ops level training & scenarios; Haz Mat Ops level training & scenarios; Structural FF training & scenarios with mult-company operations; driver's training. Of course, cultural diversity or human resources training, to prepare us to save lives & protect our safety- oh wait, to avoid lawsuits.

Battalion level training/activities: multi-company drills; single company drills; building/occupancy pre-incident planning; fire code occupancy inspections.

Saturday Specialty Team training (the four platoons rotate, so each gets monthly training): HazMat, Tech Rescue, Marine, 2-4 hours.

Saturdays & Sundays, the Battalion Chiefs run drills for their companies, since no department scheduled training classes are on the calendar.

we are all volunteers on my dept and we have trainings on the third tuesday of the month the first meeting of the month is for buisness but ower trainings are different every time sometimes we train on pumps just to keep ower mind fresh on all the pumps and how the run some nights we do ic training so every one knows how to do it just in case they are first due and other nights we do search and rescue in homes that are condemed. sometimes we also fill the house with smoke and do different things with that but all in all we as volunteer dept we rarely have everyone show up once in a great while we do but not all the time.

Career Department 600 members 20 engines 5 trucks 3 squads 13 ambulances.

We are supposed to do an hour of in quarters training every shift but hardly anyone does it. We have battalion level training once a cycle, and specialty teams (tech rescue, hazmat, water rescue) go out of service every friday all day for team training.

When I was a volly we did company training once a month, and usually informal training daily cause someone was always trying to get released to ride on an appratus, drive, etc.

Our dept has training on Monday evenings except for  the first Mon which is  our dept's meeting night and  holidays.

The forth Mon is a premeeting for the board of directors so those members are excursed from the training.

Most training evenings is basic hands on but most is conducted on the internet for annual required classes because of money. Our county use to send instructors out for Infectous Control, Haz Mat, Drivers Training but like I said we now have to cram people into a office area to watch a on line video.                                                                                                                                            We are working on adding the needed electronic components to our training area for online or recorded training classes.

The state does the same with EMT training for class room work and annual retraining needs. So you can do it in the station or at home and print out a certificate showing you took the class.

At one time career and volunteers would train together on basic training in our dept but those days have past unless there is a need to do something together.

Mon nights volunteers go into our training area and the career personnel sit in the TV room or offices on the computers or do other things around the station and train when they need to.

Sometimes we have special training days where dept member will have to go to training site like the county training center or Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute traning site somewhere in the state or another station in the county conducting a class for everyone.

Our dept. is a paid call w/ about 55 members.  We train as a dept (everyone) on the 1st and 3rd Wed each month. The 2nd Wed is more of a work session/ truck and equipment check night at each individual station (we have 4 stations).  This is also a night that the cpatains or district chiefs can conduct their own drills for their company or individual ff's (ie driver training etc).  The 4th Wed is either an officers training and/or individual training night again for things like driver training or new member orientaion as needed.  Seems to work for us along with an occasional weekend class thrown in.  Most nightly drills are 2-3 hrs in length.

I am on two departments and on one we train the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, the other we train 2 Monday's each month. I am also a member of the Women Firefighters of Western Kentucky and we train the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

100% volunteer department, ~25 active firefighters.  

We train every Monday night, unless it happens to fall on a holiday, and we usually take a few weeks off in December.  First Monday of every month is vehicle maintenance - check all the fluids, lights, fuel level, tires, etc, and get the trucks out for a 5-10 mile drive (we run around 40 calls/year, so some of the trucks can go months without leaving the station otherwise, especially our snorkel - that's rolled to one fire in the last year and a half)  All other weeks, our captains take turns planning the training - rescue captain may do a vehicle extrication, truck/pump captain may do a hydrant tagging exercise or vehicle driving drill, etc.  Trainings usually last between an hour and an hour and a half.  We're also encouraged to attend any state fire schools we can, and a core group of us will usually hit one in the spring and one in the fall for additional training.

i am very missing to training... because since i am joined to volunteer, i never get training. just study in experience in fire site.  :(

I volunteer in NZ and at my station we train once a week, we have a traffic light system called OMS which monitors what we are trained up in, so if all our lights are green its all good, if orange it means some things are about to lapse and if red they have lapsed , we train  weekly on all sorts and try to keep all our lights green

We are a combination station and we train every Thursday of the month except holiday's and then we just move it to another night.  Even months are hands on months and odd months are classroom months.  Usually what ever we cover in the classroom that month the next month we are training on. 

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