So ive heard here and there that some colleges have their own fire dept's that students can work on while enrolled at that school, Clemson is the only one i can remember though, anyone else heard of any college fd's?

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Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama is very well known for their student firefighter program. Although in Auburns case it is not a university fire department, the department is run by the city and services the city of Auburn (though the university makes up a great deal of the city). It is one of the most challenging recruit classes in all of Alabama both physically and mentally, they are after the best of the best. They are one of the few departments in Alabama who require their candidates to complete their entire recruit class (City of Montgomery is another) regardless of past career fire department work experience in order to get on shift. They are also well known for their extensive PT (which if I recall begins at 5:45am) I have friends who are in the program and the tell me of runs ranging from 8 to 14 miles.

Also FYI: To be a certified career firefighter anywhere in the State of Alabama you are required to complete the 360 hour Firefighter I/II certification class, with either DOT equivalent Medical First Responder, or EMT-Basic as a pre-requisite. In Auburn they run EMS calls so their recruit class begins with 5 week 228 hour EMT-Basic (also required to pass National Registry).

They have a wonderful program though, with fierce competition to land one of the limited yearly slots. I tried out for it last year (one of 40 something applicants for less than 15 slots) and didn't make the cut. After finishing recruit class you are placed on shift and are required to be a full time college student as long as you are in the program (minimum 12 semester hours per semester) and are also required to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA for the program to pay for the semester (they only pay the in-state tuition rate though) 2.0 GPA is required to remain in the program (you pay for the semester) and if I recall correctly you can be in the program for up to 6 years.

Here is a link with some general information regarding the program

Also a link to the Alabama Fire College
College of the Ozarks® P O Box 17, Point Lookout, MO 65726,
Also know as Hard Work U offers a Christian based Education at reduced rate in return for working on campus. I do know that they have a Fire Department that is at least partially staffed by students. Google them and let us know what you find out. Good luck and if I hear of anymore I'll let you know. TCSS
Pretty sure Clemson shut down their student program a few years ago due to funding.
St. Micheal's College Fire Rescue, Colchester, VT
College Park VFD is part of the Prince George's County Fire Department in Suburban MD. full service station: Engine, truck, ambo, foam/haz-mat.
I didn't know of any but thats good they have a few college fire departments out there.I'm a volunteer in a small West Virginia town called Kermit.We're only required to have our FF 1 I'd like to take FF2 but I don't think our department pays for anything other than whats mandatory.Where we are volunteers we don't even have to be EMT's although most of us are.I'm just certified in CPR/First Aide myself.I'd like to eventually become a carreer FF some day.
Columbia College Fire Department in Sonora California. It's one of only two junior college fire departments in California. And Sierra College in Redding California.

I worked for Columbia College Fire Department and it is staffed only by students. They do have a chief and a captain that are not with the college that oversee them but for the most part they are on their own. They have to complete the Columbia College Fire Academy, be enrolled in at least 6 units during the spring and fall semesters and 3 units during the summer semester. I worked my up to engineer at CCFD. At the time that was the highest you could go before it was Crew Leader (basically captain but they couldn't call it that).

They operate a type 2 engine and a breathing support unit. Just click on my profile and you will be able to see the pictures.
University of Alaska, Fairbanks has courses and a UAF Fire & Emergency Services department. I believe some students even live in a dorm at the department. As others mentioned about other colleges, UAF is really selective of the "live in" firefighter students.
I am not sure if students can apply but the college of charleston has it's own fd kinda. My department city of charleston runs the fire calls and they rn medicals and known trouble alams. I don't know if that is what you are looking for.
Check out It's a new website just for the student live-in aspect of the fire service. They are working on launching a new site with tons of live-ib programs so shoot them a contact email from the site and make sure they have yours on their list! Otherwise checkout the site and the information on live-in around the country. Their Facebook and Twitter also keeps up on stories about and for live-ins.

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