i have a 1993 gmc safari and am moving back to new york state i am wanting to buy a code system of a visor code bar grille lights wig wags and a amber bar for back a siren and radio system what r some choice for cheap but effective ones

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Ummmm up here u'd get laffed at......sorry just saying!!!!!!!....
I'm not sure what your position is within the department you are looking to join, but in New York, if you are a regular member (black coat per sey) the majority of these items are illegal for your personal vehicle. Depending on your local law enforcement, this idea may cost you as much in fines as it would for original installation of the equipment and its purchase. I would suggest that you check the NYS Vehilce and Traffic laws as well as look into response procedures and allowances of your intended department prior to your purchase.
Wow... what else is there to say...
I'm not trying to be negative, but I did want Bruce to know the situation in New York. :) The thing is, unless you are a Chief Officer with specific written permission/authority, the majority of the lights are in fact illegal as is a siren for sure, and a radio or even a scanner in a vehicle. That would be an expensive Oops. I guess the bottom line sugestion to Bruce is, wait to make these purchases until you move to New York and get some clarification on what you can and can't run in you personal vehicle.
since it says that you are a Jr, you really have no need for a light, let alone the full police package on your pov. focus on school and getting some training instead of lights.

Jr bra.........in some states u can't have a scanner unless FCC lic. Short test pretty easy to....but man if ur a Jr...why evenyour pov is not a firetruck there's no need for bar lights or a radio....and sure aas hell no need for siren....I laffed so hard at BANG HEAD HERE !!!!!!!!.....
Well I guess the answer to why you joined the FD is answered ....lol, Bruce you are going to get yourself or someone else killed....
WTF dude? There is absolutely no need for all that! Having all that in you POV is just asking for trouble. Is that the only reason you want to be a Firefighter?
"...no where does it say that he is going to get them."
"...i am wanting to buy..." Sounds like it to me.
Not even (or only barely) a junior, that's putting the cart before the horse by a long bit.


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