In New York State today we are awaiting the Signing of the Law that says you dont need a CDL to drive apparatus to and from Calls , What does your State Say is the law ?

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Our state carries the clause, that you do not need a CDL while enroute to the emergency, but you do on the way back to the station. I know that makes absolutly no sense, but niether does not requireing us to be liscenced. Most departments down here require a CDL regardless of wether you are a volunteer or not. In the long run it protects you and your department some what from litigation. We consider ourselves professionals, we require professional drivers to have a CDL. Stop fighting the law and just go get your CDL, I am sure everybody is getting tired of this topic.
In Georgia, you must hold a current Class B CDL to be an EVO.
Try the search tool next time this has been run through several times and this is a quick run down, I think you need CDL's as do others but some people don't and some say people can't afford them. Everyone has a good point and agrees the bottom line is safety and safety can never be brought up enough. Here are the other discussions for you to look through.
In the State of Illinois, drivers of fire apparatus are exempt from the CDL requirement, since we have very stringent fire apparatus driver training here. So instead of a class B CDL, we have to have a class B non-CDL. Although many FF's go and get a CDL anyway because then you can get a side job driving a straight truck.
My department requires a Class B CDL to drive an appatatus along with a TCFP Driver/Operator Certification. We take a CEVO class every two years and have to complete a driving course every year. I only think that having a CDL makes you more aware and responsible for the vehicle you are charged with operating. In Texas, it make a $12.00 difference when you renew your driver's lisence, so the cost is nothing to worry about. They are a good idea if you don't have one.
Here in South Carolina, you need to first take a written test, and then a
road test for a Class E drivers lic. A class E lic. is for Non-Comm. vehicles
that weigh over 26,000 Lbs. After you receive your Class E drivers Lic.
Then you need to take the course required by the Fire Services.
EVDT, Emerg. Vehicle Driver Training ( 40 Hrs. )
Pump. Opps. 1 & 2 ( 60 Hrs. )
Ladder Opp's if you will be operating a Ladder Truck (20 Hrs.)
All courses have a physical test, as well a written test in order to qualify
as a Driver/Engeneer.
Adam, Yesterday our County Fire Coordinators office sent us all an email announcing Gov. Patterson just signed into law that fire dept apparatus operators are NOT REQUIRED to have CDLs. Guess the debate is over here in New York. So, yes there is the same huge training responsibility there has always been but we wont have to shut down our service or hire a carrier driver. Those are good things.
In Pennsylvania - you either have to have one or the Fire Chief has to sign a card authorizing you to drive.
Perhaps there should be some kind of National Standard here in the U.S. for drivers of fire apparatus. Food for thought? Stay safe!
I could agree with you i have a cdl and 30% of my department does. But it would be hard for all us volunteer deprtments. I have very good drives that dont have one and thats another expense as well.


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