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"let he who is without sin cast the first stone...."

I wonder how many of the people posting to this topic have done the same thing at least once...

Are there mistakes? Yes.

Look at it this way... the car insurance companies consider a car fire to be a total loss.

I know that a lot of vehicles now use aluminum (aluminium for our friends in the UK) for the hoods.... by the time you get to them, they have melted, making it easier to extinguish an engine compartment fire.

Fully involved? blast it with the deck gun. Remember.. it is gpm vs. btus.. it's not brain surgery.
I don't give a shit about the car...its already toasted...its the people I am concerned about......oh, wait a minute...they are expendable right....? (sarcasm in case you don't recognize it)
Mary put down that rock!
I love how at the 3:10 mark in the video they guy is like um dude by the way your boot is on fire im with everyone else ppe and placement proper training is key for all alarms....hopefully they learned from there mistakes
Well That k-12 served no purpose what so ever. Under every hood to the right of the latch is a cable that runs to the inside of the car to the driver lever. Most of the time if you knock the grill out the cable will then be exposed. If you pull the cable the hood will open most of the time. If all else fails ive seen the spreaders used to pop the hood open. Which if it were up to be id have the spreaders out at every call of that nature becasue it would save so much time and would be way less exhausting. O yea and good job Mr. White helmet, kicking water on that fire really got the job done! HHAAHAHAHA... guess the GPM's from the nozzle just needed a little more "kick".
Paul....By the time we take a saw to the hood, we have the fire out and a corner pulled up and a nozzle in there. I do agree with you, sweep the ground first. My profile picture is of me cutting a hood with a line right beside me, and it didn’t even take half the time they did.
Why didn't they break out the back window and windshield, then put a PPV fan in the drivers open door?
Another question is....How come nobody thought to call the fire dept?

I know,I know..We've all done something stupid in our career especialy when we were probies..However none of it was caught on video. At least it hasn't been found and put on here,

Wait I figured it out, those were cops pretending to be fireman! I believe if you look closely about 2 minutes into the vid. You'll notice a pastery protruding from one of there coat pockets. lol

All kidding aside this is one of the three stooges classic skits. Those guys are so funny. lol

Wonder how they do on a residence fire?
Probably should cross-post this video to the 'Should Chief's Fight Fire' thread. Or better yet, what happens 'When Chief's Fight Fire".
"Hoods are easily opened with the proper tools..." If the engine has a power saw, why not use it?
It's a guaranteed way of getting an adequate opening for the nozzle, compared to some of the other hood opening techniques that are becoming increasingly problematic as auto manufacturers change the way they make the hood catches and the hood releases.

In other words, if your department allows the use of a power saw on engine compartment fires, then by definition, it IS a proper tool.
A whole list of problems here,
Where are your tanks?
Why are you guys still in your station clothes?
Absolutly no eye protection.
Ever hear of a fire-exstinguisher?
Guy is cutting the hood with the saw and his coat is wide open.
Your right Dwayne, why not put water in the opening.
And finally, the one in the white helmet, obviously an officer, isnt it your job to ensure your firemens safety by enforcing safety rules?
Your rightron, alot of monday morning QBs on sites like this.

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