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Hay Probie! Get that cat down and dont play monkey this time.
How many times have I told you kids , kick the football , not the cat ?
Quit pulling the ladder out !!!!!
We Need A Bigger Ladder!
Not really a caption but...

One evening, a resident of a small rural town called the local volunteer fire department to request assistance in removing her cat from a tree.
Since this was a "questionable" call, the fire control dispatcher called the fire chief at home to ask if he wanted to respond. The chief said sure, call out the department, since it was early evening and it shouldn't be a problem for the volunteers to respond.
The fire department responded with a rescue truck which had an extension ladder. The tree, however, was too tall and willowy to support the weight of the extension ladder. Rather than send men back to the fire hall to bring the aerial ladder truck, one of the firefighters suggested an alternate course of action.
Two of the firefighters supported the ladder while a third climbed high enough to tie a rope around the tree at about half its height.
The other end of the rope was tied to a trailer hitch on a pickup truck, with the truck slowly driven forward, forcing the tree to bend over.
One firefighter was poised to grab the cat as soon as it was within his reach. The knot securing the rope to the trailer hitch slipped free.
The cat, was last seen airborne, headin' south.....
I'm sure this will get me onthat tv show about doing stupid things.
The cat got himself up there...He can get himself down.
When you guys said there way a ^*$$@ in the tree I did not think this is what you meant....
Do you think the cat can reach me now?
can you say deck gun or 2 1/2" blitz line, pick your poison
:fireman: here kitty kitty kitty.

:cat: and they call me a pussy.

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