I was wanting to know what kind of brush trucks are being used out there? We have 3 dodge trucks with 300 gallon tanks and 3 6x6 old army trucks with 700 gallon tanks. We are tring to get a new pierce contender on a international series 7400, that is a 4x4 chassis. Dose anyone use this truck and what are the likes and dislikes on it?

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we have 2 brush trucks one is a 1987 Chevrolet Truck with Utility Body serves as our primary wild land response unit, first on scene for all outdoor fires (woods, field, trash, etc). This unit also functions as a PA Certified Quick Response Service (QRS) supporting our EMS division with additional manpower or coverage as needed. 350 gallons per minute pump 250 gallon tank 450 feet of pre-connected forestry line Hand tools, chain saws, power blower, generator, water pump Equipped with an AED, oxygen and all required medical supplies for BLS the other is a 1998 Chevrolet Truck Chassis with flat bed body serves as a second wild land response unit This unit is also equipped with an AED for CPR and medical supplies350 gallons per minute pump 250 gallon tank 400 feet of pre-connected forestry line Two booster reels (electric rewind) with 300 feet of 1 inch line each Equipped with ground sweep nozzles for field fires Hand tools, chain saws, power blower
We have a 1990 Ford 3500 4x4 with a 500 gallon tank and two booster lines. Its got some basic hand tools and a couple pro-packs.

2006 izuzu 4x4 tanker. We use these for urban / bush interface firefighting, also as HAZMAT tankers and RESCUE tankers where a 4x4 unit is required. Holds 3000L of water plus 4 SCBA sets and all other normal FF gear. Only 2500L of water is useable, the last 500L is reserved for 5.5 minutes of cab protection. It also uses a stand alone deisel pump for pump and roll capability. Cheers

this is the brush truck that I run, it is a 1994 International 4800/Ferrara brushmaster, 120/750/5 Type 4
most everyone else int he State (Division of Forestry) runs smaller Type 6s

though our primary response to forest fires is this Type 2 Dozer with a fire plow

Our department has had 8 brush units in its history.
The first was our first pumper in the 50s a used 1930 Diamond Reo which was moved back after a new 1955 pumper was bought. Later the 1930 body was moved on to a used 1950 Ford chassis.
A 1957 American La France Mighty Mo built on a Dodge 200 4x4 chassis was bought. The membership stripped the unit of its body and sold the chassis in the 60s.
In 1967 a Young Fire Apparatus Ford F600 4x4 combination brush and rescue unit was bought and served up to 1970 and then sold to Plymoth Township PA. and then to Ambrose GA.
We didn't have another brush unit until 1974 when our dept put a 200 Gal skid in a County 1974 Dodge 200 pickup truck.
The unit was in a wreak when a car hit it at a intersection and turned it over.
In 1975 a Ford F250 4x4 was purchased by the company and the skid was put on that unit. The county had us reduce the tank down to 120 Gal tank. The unit was stripped and sold and the tank returned to the forestry service in 1987
In 1987 the county bought a Chevy K2500 and beefed it up to a ton and place a new skid on the unit.
This unit was also involved in a wreak with a car.
We now have another county Chevy pickup a 2003 K3500 with the tank from the last unit.
back home in higgins they have a TRACK its like a tank but a dozer pickup thing going on it holds 1000 galons of water ill get a pic it just came back from paint there are only 2 in the panhandle of texas
Also have a lot of other gear on it that can handle anything from a MVA to a House fire .

I dont think he ment the boster line...could be wrong...They prob have axes, SCBAs, ect.
it will hold it the old chevy 4 wheel drives you could put 750 and if you new how to drive them correctly you didnt tear anything up the new ones not so much i put 450 on one and it was a lil much
where do you get and AED that does cpr for you i want one of those lol
We have an old chevy 4x4 with a 300 gal. tank and a PTO driven pump. See attached picture.
Brush 2 is a 2008 Ford F350 with a 200 Gallon water tank, 5 gallon Class "A" Foam Cell, Scottie foam system, Hale HPT200-H20 pump and miscellaneous hand tools.


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