We're all scared of something. Myself? Like Indian Jones, I'm petrified of snakes! I had one start chewing on my arm when I was about 13 and after that, never been the same. A call with snakes is the one thing that would DEFINITELY freeze me in my tracks. How about you? What call would/has stop(ped) you in your tracks? What scares you in the fire service?

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I used to be scared of heights, but working as a scaffolder for 4-1/2 years kind of kicks it right out of you, not to mention the last 4 summers doing hover exits out of a helicopter sometimes at like 20 feet!
You are the government!
I am affraid of the dark, but I carry lots of flashlights!....lol I don't like snakes either, but not petrified of them. I think the thing that most scares me is getting trapped. But saying that, I`m a Cheif`s driver because of exactly what you said Chief!
Spiders... If I see a spider, I freeze... if one actually touches me, I run like a little girl screaming...
it used to be snakes...but in AZ in the peak snake season we will run on 10 a day...you get used to them...but I still hate them!
When I first joined I used to freak out a little when I put on my facepiece because it would fog up. Until one dayu the chief wiped it off and I'm like dang thats all I have to do. I was okay after that.
I've got a real problem with heights, I'll go up a ladder, but I don't like it a bit. At it's worst I would ride ski lifts with my eyes closed. (cue the tears)
I guess I have to stop bugging my buddy about being affraid of spiders........lol But damn I'm glad I live north, our rattle snakes are only just making a come back from extingtion and not in my region yet! i didn't know what big bugs were til i went to florida in 2000 for the first time! Dammn you guys grow them big!!!!!!!!!!!
They're a lot like that in Northern Alberta too. Two of the mosquito's will pick you up and drag you into the swamp. You can hear the Sawyer beetles coming from about 30 feet away!
My brother is allergic to bees as well. Had him pass out on the toilet once after he got stung. That's when he found out he was allergic to them. Two summers ago we had one of our fire lookout tower women, in forestry, get stung and she was severely allergic. She was lucky that we happened to be at her tower day basing that day. We flew straight to the hospital and I had to stick her with 2 epipens on the way on the 45min flight. We JUST made it there. It was a pretty scary moment for all of us having one of our own go down from a bee sting.
Amen brother.I don't run though.I kind of do a stationary panic that lasts a couple seconds.Got bit in the leg by one once and it took 6 weeks of antibiotics to clear it up.They were going to send me to the surgeons but they decided to try one more round of pills.Thank goodness it worked.

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