i know weve been stocked up on brush calls all week.

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what I think is, that we are happy for giving our hand to someone else who is in real, serious truble, is what makes us feel good, isn't it?
Yea we had a propane lick early day behind a house we shut the propane tank off today we had vent the house eveything turned out to be okay
I am glad this post came up and hope it teaches some people how to use their words a bit more wisely. If a civilian who has had their property damaged and seen this forum i don't think it would of been friendly i am in full agree no such thing as a good call only better endings. It's terrible if they ever happen and they are experiences that I wish that people would not have to go through. FIREFIGHTERS I THOUGHT WERE FIRST FIRE PREVENTION than if that has failed FIRE SUPRESSION . Hope that all firefighters all get the better calls and save all the lives possible but in the end its always an emergency that needs to be taken care of and with respect to it happens to.

In calls wise I had an interesting one I observed with a pregnancy gone wrong and when in the hospital 2 lives came out alive and well and one more person was entered in the world.
Hey Chief Mike dont feel to bad you have even poundend some of my comments, we all know how you think. I know I do and have learned a lot on here from guys like you, and the rest of the old timers on here LOL. Ya all have a good day, stay safe, take care and God bless.
The most interesting call my dept has encountered was the few meth lab calls we have had.
Some of you need to take a deep breath and relax. If you don't like going to fires then why did you become a fireman? It doesn't take a genius to know what the kid meant. There's a difference between saying that you want someones house to burn down and saying that you like going to fires.

Fires will always happen. That's a fact. So since they are happening anyway I like to be the one that goes. It is fun getting a good job and I do look forward to it.

Back on topic... I posted that we've been slow lately the other day. The very next day the whole city went crazy. A few good fires, a ton of box alarms and just an insane city overall for the tour. As a large city we very rarely have mutual aid into the city. However yesterday a truck from the Naval Base actually responded into DC on a box and it even sounded like the ran a few medicals before making it back home.
Agreed. Same goes for you medics. You didn't take the job so you can stare at the ambulance all day praying that you never go on a run. You took the job because it;s what you like to do. There's nothing wrong with that. That doesn't mean you're hoping for people to get hurt. It's going to happen either way so why not be the ones helping.
Structure fire last night
Well good description Davin... um... usually people want to know about the call... just sayin

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