i know weve been stocked up on brush calls all week.

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i like that
weve been haveing all kinds of brush fires here latley very high winds ive been running with my fire dept and the county fire dept on theses they are going crazy here right about now.
yeah we got toned for a medical call this morning around 430 to a report of chest pains
My faviorite saying is.....The worst day for someone else is the best day for firefighters.

Sorry, that's just disturbing, and more than a little insensitive.
What is a "good" fire? Is it good that a family loses everything and even possibly a loved one, but man you should of saw us open that roof up!? Is it good that some poor soul is lost forever but man we were in there with no Engine Co to back us up!? It was fire everywhere and the heat was crazy! It was great! but a mother loss 3 kids and a great grandmother buried her grandson.

We all love going to fires but fighting fires is not what defines us. We are defined by being sensitive in unfortnate situations, by grabbing a daughters POW flag from her father's funeral before we overhaul a room, by using no more water than we need to because this shell of a building is home again right after we leave the scene.

Yes, we are firefighters and an agressive interior attack is how we do our business, but we should never stand in the front of the building high fiving and chest bumping while a family sits on the curb wanndering, "what do we do now? how do we survive? who if anybody do we call for help?" Yes, we are aggressive and yes we are hard chargers and adrenaline junkies but we are also compassionate, sensitive, and professional.
You're right, that would have been better. Free food always makes things better.
Sheesh! What's with all the PC(ish) responses?

Travis, I know what you mean. I've made many a "good job", as we refer to them in these parts (although it's been a little slow, lately). I love making good jobs. I love working with firemen who love making good jobs. I love working in a city where making good jobs is what most of us love to do. I don't love that any particular person's house is rolling when we pull up, I just love being there to put it out. If anyone has a problem with that, then, well, you have a problem.
yeah a man offered us cake and refreshments on a brush fire sunday.
not by good for that i ment anything exciting happen on any fire calls here latley no fire is good but yall know what i mean...

heres our 2 engines and our brush truck
Not disagreeing with you overall, but can you really consider a comment like, "The worst day for someone else is the best day for firefighters" an acceptable comment in a public forum?

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