I know this has been discussed before but i could not find an answer to my question so here its,
  last night at our monthly meeting it was brought up that we need to get passport tags for a few of our guys because they were new or theirs were lost, our county has an universal system of tags that are about 3" long and a 1/2 " wide with the persons name on it. guys keep losing them because they are attached under our helmets backs with velcro which seems to melt once in a fire, and then we cant reattach our tags when checking out so they get stuck in a pocket and lost, does anyone else on here have a similar system and if so what do you do to keep track of tags and attach them to not lose them

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Use metal clips, hang them from your helmet or bunker gear.
Our accountability tags are made in the form and size of a standard credit with an attachment clip ( metal clip with a trigger to open/close ). Most of the FF's attach them to the D-ring on their helmet. When we go on a run the tag is taken off and handed to the officer and the officer clips them to the apparatus ring. When we get on scene, the staging officer is given the apparatus ring with all the ID tags on it and when you are given a task they scan your tag and record where and what you are doing. System works well when used correctly.

Our accountability tags have our photo, name and rank, list of training we have, and medical info that can be scanned with a bar code scanner and used if neccessary.

I was on a Fire/Security Team that used the velcro system-it failed, but they stuck with it, no pun intended !
Our Department uses the Tag system. Yellow tags for being on scene and Red tags for inside the Hot zone. Ours are attached with metal snaps that scissor open. Very easy to use even with your gloves on. Metal rings are attached to the accountability board so each team is on its own ring, making life easier on the accountability officer.
we use rings and metal clips....
rings and metal clips are the way to go I know from my previous department, but this is the system that was in place when i got here and it seems to work except for lost tags i do like the industrial velcro idea and will have to pass it on so we can get budgeted for it next year see if that helps
We are suppose to use out 1/2" x 3" black tags with our name on them.
We use this clip:
We usually clip them to the helmet hangar but most of us clip them to the grommet on the front of out coats.

You can get them clips at the local $ store or at walmart for a buck.
same here....
We use the same system. I don't think they use the color background they use to use. The color behind the photo advised the persons access to a fireground. I think if it was RED the person had not completed FF1 or under 18. Blue was fully trained and over 18, Yellow was a specialist (Bomb or Haz Mat Tech).
That is a more advanced system than we have. We don't use photo ID. Just a Number system. Each of our members are designated by a number. (IE Chief C1, Captain K10, Lt. K20, FF K30 and so on Medical personnel K90 and up). The most important part is to have an accountability officer that is really on their game. That way you know where all your people are at all the time.When in Rehab you pick up your yellow tag also.
our department uses an alluminum tag of the same size. It has our department name, our name, and our personel number on it. they have the same clips as shown below by jason. they are very durable and we have not had any destroyed by heat or anything.
tags aren't supposed to melt or get burned....you are supposed to leave it with the accountability officer outside....so the plastic tags should suffice...
We use plastic "cow tags" with our unit number and dept name on them. They are different colors to designate different stations. For instance mine is black for station two, and has my unit number on it. I keep it clipped to the back of my helmet so I can give it to the pump operator or the safety officer depending on who is doing the accountability and when you get to the scene, and weither or not I take a truck or go POV.

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