ABC Television's "Jimmy Kimmel Show" and their 09-14-10 video asking the public to kick a "Hero" in the nuts... Really?

If any of you are wondering whether your jobs are safe, please note how the media depicts you, and for those who think Rescue Me is an acceptable show, please consider what is really lost when you allow someone to loose respect for you. This video clearly shows that to be true. What a sad day for emergency services, and just days after the 9-11 anniversary. Looks like some people did forget...

I don't know how other feel, but for me personally, I am outraged and deeply offended.

09-17-2010 Update: The following email was sent directly to the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

What were you thinking?

On the 09-14-2010 Jimmy Kimmel show, a skit entitled, "Kick a Hero In the Nuts" was shown. I am enraged that this type of satire would be allowed, especially considering it was only three days after
the 9-11 anniversary. The additional use of military people and the direction
to "kick hero's in the nuts" was incredibly insensitive toward
families and coworkers who have lost someone special in their lives. If your
goal was to denigrate law enforcement, firefighters and military personnel,
then you were successful. My only question is why? I find it hard to believe
that no one in the production company stepped up. I understand that it is a
late night talk show but handling oneself with dignity and honor and respecting
those folks out there that risk their lives needs to be remembered. I am sure
you have seen, heard or read the phrase, "We Shall Not Forget". I
can't forget and am amazed that you managed to not only forget and denigrate in
the process the memories of all the HERO's that sacrificed their lives for
people they never even knew.


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Another good reason to drop the label of hero.....

Is it bad taste? Yeah probably.

Offensive though? I don't think so.

Bad timing? Absolutely!
What a bunch of bullshit!If the intent is to offend people it worked in spades.
I'm not outraged, this is a comedy talk show, jokes are told and so on. This can be viewed as bad taste or bad timing but, really if one thinks that a late night talk show speaks for all, c'mon, it is there to garner laughs.
I definitely don't think it's funny. Something should be said directly to ABC management about this display of bad taste. Maybe the union could write a letter? Maybe we should all write letters...

Anne Sweeney, President
ABC Entertainment
500 S. Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521-4551

(818) 560-1000 or
(212) 456-7777

Also consider contacting your local ABC affiliate to express your opinion.
Can't back you on this one, Chief. No I'm not outraged. No I don't take offense. Yes I think it's funny.

And as far as my "image" as a firefighter....

As long as MY opinion of me is higher than my detractors opinion of me, I can sleep at night.


Ahh, man up, Nancy. Do you really think this detracts from the value we provide to the community? Let this hack have his moment.

I'll go you one better: How many of you watched "The Man Show" and enjoyed the Girls on Trampolines? A lot of women found that patently offensive, but I guess they were just over-sensitive and this is different?
I'll go with Luke and Vic.
c'mon, it is there to garner laughs

at our expense...
at our expense...

More than just FF's depicted there BZ. How is poking fun at these jobs really any different than any other type of occupation out there? That is what comedians do, they poke fun, they make insults, they are there to get a laugh, it is one thing if this was an actual news media outlet, but it is not, it is a late night comedic talk show.

Hell's bells I served in the Navy, do you ever stop and listen to how many jokes are made on that accord? Hell any of the armed services for that matter....does it really detract from the job that gets done? Do you honestly think someone is going to go up and ...kick em in the nuts? I sure don't.
God I hate to go against you Vic because you are a master arguer... a skill that I do not possess. With that said and to give you a comparison, girls on trampolines (which I admit was enjoyable...) is a general slam against women in general... key point here "in general..." Jimmy Kimmel's sketch was specifically targeting firefighters with an uncalled for lack of respect.

The parody which in my opinion gets a laugh at our expense does nothing toward furthering our public image. I guess my main point here Vic is that not too long ago, this kind of humor, with language "kick a hero in the nuts" to me would never have occurred.

For myself, the sketch, well... was a little over the top. And it was the firefighter, not the cops or military that actually got kicked in the nuts with a fire truck in the background. This is not the first time Jimmy has slammed firefighters... remember this one?

When there are minimal dollars out there, public perception is everything. Men and women firefighters jobs and futures may depend on things like votes and the publics perceptions. There's always a hidden agenda and I smell a rat.

• understand that not just firefighters were depicted... we are the ones that got kicked in the nuts though, in front of a fire engine
• comedy, late night or not, should show some respect 3 days after the 9-11 anniversary
• the comparison using the Navy does not fit here because who cares about the Navy... our taxes do not go up or down as a direct result compared to local voters making a decision that could affect staffing levels, station closures, payroll or benefits
• there is no way a tv show skit could in anyway could possibly detract from the job that gets done so that's a silly comparison
• the skit was a parody and of course, no one is expected to do so, that's insane
• this is a perspective thing and they all add up to where eventually, the respect that we as a profession once enjoyed could be put at risk as a result of someone using our profession to get a laugh, again at our expense.
• firefighters and fire department funding can be affected many ways, and using the media as a tool to degrade and minimize the publics perception is a hidden agenda by some... we all have agenda's right?

I'm cool with you or anyone else telling me to chill. It's just a comedy sketch. I get it. I also know that nothing is done without a reason, and using the word "Hero" in conjunction with a tasteless and vulgar act just frankly pissed me off. I figured maybe, I was not the only one.

Fraternally, Bz
Thank god I live in Canada !!!!

WTF ? That is just distasteful

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