I am just letting all of you know that on the 11th of next month is coming up soon meaning 9/11/01. I will never forget that day and my prayers goes out to those who died on that horific day. Also Firefighter angels watches over them every day and night. I again pray for our troops who are fighting over there every day.

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That is not a bad thing.
It should only protect people who are like the people who wrote it; white male christians.
Brian D, I felt the same way, but I couldn't go bcause I was working at the Air Force Bace in Chicopee,MA doing maintanince things that day and I still don't know how to go over to NYC.

Be safe all of you!
Also can't forget the ones we continue to lose to this day as well,
All the brothers dying from working down at ground zero.


God bless the troops, and god bless this great country.

Without people like that, we wouldn't be anywhere.
The actual Ground Zero Mosque was destroyed years ago: http://www.pensitoreview.com/2010/09/10/the-real-ground-zero-mosque...
God Bless the F.D.N.Y and their families. I just hope people always remember what all of the emerency responders did that day. People that do not do what we do may never understand how or why we do it. I hope people use 9-11 every year to remember all those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

On 9-11 I think we should all leave politics and religion out of it!!!!
We should all remember the men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect all those in harms way. This of course includes our military that is still sacrificing now...
343 replies to this post its kind of ironic how this has worked out as Im typing this it is 9-11-10 in New York City.
May God grant strength and peace to all the friends and families of those lost this day 9yrs ago.
All of us have that day burnt into our memory, not just because of the loss of life but the bravery that the men and women of FDNY showed that day.

and anyone who wants to defend there constitutional rights doesnt deserve any...
where do we draw the line between citizen and patriot?

Considering I have refrained from comments here for awhile, I DO draw the line with this crap! First off Karr, your profile states "not enuff" when asked how many years, further going on to say your affiliations includes the Boy Scouts....how old are you? Do you even realize what you are even talking about?

Being a former Boy Scout myself and also having served in the armed forces and remembering the part of the oath I took stating "To defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic" I will say you remarks are out of line. I defended YOUR Constitutional rights just as I have defended "their" Constitutional rights and I never asked the question as to whom I was defending those rights for.

Bottom line here kid, is you probably have no idea as to what you are ranting about. There are just as many Muslim Americans afforded the same rights and freedoms as you and for you to dare say anyone defending "their" Constitutional rights is a slap and spitting in the face of any veteran.

Time to grow up son!
Very interesting Vic, thanks for posting this.
Our enemies have made the mistake that America’s enemies always make.
They saw liberty and thought they saw weakness. And now, they see

- George W. Bush, President of the United States

9 11 01 - 343 - Never Forget
M.J. 6821, same here and I will never ever forget that horable day.
Thad Rather, same here.

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