OK, I know this isn't structure fire heroics as a topic, but I've got a question I would really like some of your feedback on.

Who cleans your fire station! Do you have assigned tasks to get your bathrooms and kitchen clean? Are there scheduled cleaning dates? Do you have a cleaning service? Is it everyone's responsibility or do you have "building trustees"?

Our Chief is getting upset with us because he doesn't feel our firefighters have pride in the station because they don't clean up without being told to (they will gladly do it once they are asked to!). Like all volunteer firefighters, we spend alot of time training, etc and although there is ALOT of pride in everyone - I guess no one is thinking everyday about cleaning and sweeping up. We used to assign jobs monthly in the past and even tried holding a night a month to do clean up. If anyone has any great ideas, please share how your station handles this.

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On my combo dept the daily paid guy has cleaning tasks. Other than that I like the 1 nite a month work detail. Thats how I did it before I came here. But, If you train a lot you may want to try a list. Make a list of all things that need to be done, next take a member list and put it side by side. Have all jobs be done at somepoint in the week/month. It works great. Than swap out the list so no one is doing the same thing over and over again. The key here is it opens up the work for when someone has a spare half hour to go do their task o their own time. -Matt
at our department its everyones job if you see a mess or if you make a mess clean it up. noone should have to ask you to do so. on meeting nights the last one to show up for the meeting is assigned the duty of vacuuming the carpet in the meeting room.
We have trustees who take care of building maintenance and grass cutting. But the firefighters take turns cleaning the building and taking trash out.
Cleaning the house is part of our daily routine, normally done by the Firefighter. Daily house cleaning includes, sweep/mop floors, vacuum carpets, clean toilets, clean all sinks, clean kitchen, dust. Occasionally if we're in a hurry or have a bunch to do, we will all pitch in and get it done.

We also have weekly duties that include, clean showers, wash windows, clean out refrigerator, etc. These are done on different days of the week so one shift doesn't get stuck with all of it.

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