I have a question. I have heard different people talking about 911 and wether it should be considered a National Holiday or not. I feel it should be and I'll tell you why. 20 yr's from now when kids are in school and they get the day off and ask why are we getting Sept. 11 off there parents can tell them, that's the day America came under attack and we lost alot of BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN that day. Plus I fell we as Americans forget to easy about what happens. I think we need to be reminded from time to time how good we have here. Ask some one on the street what happened on 09/11/01 and watch the replys you get. So if we make it a holiday then people will always remember. Just my thought.

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I have to agree, but for the city, county and state of new york, should do some thing first.. since i do believe so many people beyond those who perished in the one day, post years after, who worked the site,and now must deal w health issues... no one is confirming their issues were contributed to or caused by that one day and working there afterwards... we celebrate dec 7th for the USS ARIZONA AND PEARL HARBOR.. 9-11 should be same.. in due time... the only thing which holds it up is that its so close to LABOR DAY... oh well...what do fire and rescue personel do..... WORK.....becoming a national day.. well.. let the next president deal w that one..
I have to agree that 9/11 is a very significant day and should never be forgotten. Now, that being said, what about another day? I am not saying that 9/11 should not be a holy ay for the fire service so don't take this that way. What about a National Safety Forces Day? This would be a day to remember all of those who have fallen, not just those that were murdered on 9/11. What does everyone think about that?
If I am not mistaken, Our president called it Patriots day. (no not the day of the boston marathon) I think it would take some immense work because corporate America doesn't want to pay a holiday even for the right reasons. I truely agree it should be, it was a day that stood still in time. We all know where we were, and what we were doing when we found out. We all felt the same hollow feeling when we watched the towers collapse and realized the amount of lives that were going to be lost. Congress needs to get off their butts and make this happen!
i think it should.it was one of the worst days in our history. if we dont 20 or 30 years from now no one will remember them.
I hope my response isn't taken the wrong way, but i do not believe it should be a holiday. I do think it should be a day for quiet reflection and celebration of the lives that were lost. I truly do not think people are going to forget this. Hiroshima, Pearl Harbour, D-Day, etc have not been forgotten and we do not have a separate holiday for each of these events, with the exception of Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day (please correct me if I'm wrong, I am in Canada after all... lol).
I basically feel that celebrating this day would be a shame, considering it will also be celebrated in other parts of the world for the opposite reasons. Do we really want to celebrate the same day that will be celebrated as the day they Hurt us? I can't celebrate that day, and I never will. I don't want to relax and take it easy that day either. I want to reflect, give thanks and know that lives were saved because of lives that were given.
I believe that there should be a national day of rememberance in regards to 9-11. May we never forget, like some people have over the years. At first you saw American flags on everything and people had the understanding of what happened. It seems if you dont give them a kick in the butt to remind them, they don't care about what happened.
The Bomberos in Mexico have whats called Dia de Bombero. It is a National holiday in Mexico that is celebrated all over the entire country. It is a day of reflection and then a huge get together afterwards. We get invited to go every year and we send a small contingency. In Juarez right on the other side of the border they created a monument to the firefighters. Both present and lost. I think we need to step it up on this side and have our Holiday. The National Day for Firefighters and Emergency Personnel, or something like that. There are enough of us out here that it could happen.

Well enough for now
NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree about a day for 9-11 but what bothers me is that the country has all but forgotten that while alot of people dies on that day in New York. We also lost people in PA as well as the Pentagon. While they were not FIREFIGHTERS they should still be thought of as family!
I couldn't have said it better,I gotta stand with my brothers .My vote is YES.

The picture I have up as my profile picture is a good friend of mine Father and my first chief holding his helmet during the 3 weeks he spent finding his son's body. I lost some people very close to me that day and I never want it to be forgotten, but with that said we don't have pearl harbor day and it was said making a day remembering the day someone did this to us is just giving them power. I agree we should have a national day for all of those who help. Emergency services day would be perfect. and should be great If you want to make on 9/11 that would be ok buts lets make for all who have given their lives to help others.
I agree with ya to a point bro, but ya got to consider this attack was on our native soil,Hawaii didn't become a state until 21 aug 1959. And we do have a VETS DAY.I think it goes without saying that it would be a day to honor all of our folks that have gave that ultimate sacrifice.

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