what is your volunteer department like? What type of equipment do you use? How many trucks do you have? Anything, share it

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Our fire dept. has 2 stations and 50 members in all. We cover an area approximatley 25 square miles and population of about 20,000. We have 3engines, 1rescue,2squads , 1tanker , 2boats for water rescue 1grass unit. Our is part paid firefighter/emts,hazmattechs,rescue techs,etc. . We have a very good group of very deadicated people and for the most part have good realationships with our mutual aid departments.
Allison#2 Volunteer Fire Department

2 Mack CF Engines
1 Ford Tanker
1 Chevy Brush Truck

About 230 alarms a year.
MY volunteer department: Its unique, all our trucks are donated so they have been already used our equipment is also donated so its already. But we try to work hard with what we have and with the little that we have we have a great station and our department is always saving lievs and properties.

Carlos Santos
Benemerito Cuerpo de Bomberos de Managua
franklin twp has a smeal 1000 gal top mount pumper tanker/rescue.f350 mccoy miller squad, 1500 gal tanker, brush truck, rescue, jaws,cuter,ram, and the normal equipment that go on the trucks
20 members including Cadets
Fire Chief
Assistant Fire Chief
Rescue Chief
Assistant Rescue Chief
x2 Lieutenants
x4 Sergeants - 5+ years experiance & certified firefighter

x1 Station
X1 Rescue/Mini-pumper - 4x4, crew cab, ALS, extrication equipment, 300 gallon tank.
x2 Engines
x1 Tanker
x1 Brush Truck
x1 Service/Support Van

250 - 300 calls a year, mostly EMS.
Our Dist is fairly large we cover around 200 square miles, have 1 Chief , 2 Asst. Chiefs, one of our Asst. Chiefs is also our training officer, and we have around 11 Firefighters. We have one main engine, one backup engine/extrication, one 4000 gal tender, one 2000 gal tender, and two brush trucks. We have the new Drager scbas and we have some of the newest in holmatro extrication equip. Our calls so far have been few for it has been a slow couple of fire seasons. We train twice some times three times a month, we have a very good mutual aid response, so we do get help when needed and help out other Dept. when needed. The town we are based in does not have a Firedept, so we are contracted to respond to fires within the city limits. We are currently trying to get a new station built, but you know how it is, all the red tape and the big one money.
1 engine, 2000 gallon tanker, grass truck and 2 rescue squads. we also have a 1959 engine that we still have in service that goes to ponds and field fires. it will get retired when we get are new engine in the fall.
1 engine 1200 gal.
1 pumper/tanker 3500 gal
1 tender 5000 gal.
4 grass rigs 250 gal.
1 moble air unit
Fort Bayou Vol. Fire Dept.

We're in the southwest corner of Jackson County which is on coastal Mississippi. We have approx 78 square miles including 10 miles of I-10.

Currently we're staffed at a roster of 38
Asst. Chief
2nd Asst. Chief
1 Captain
3 Lieutenants
and the rest are firefighters

We do EMS in addition to fire protection and average around 300 calls/year

Our fleet consists of
2007 Ferrara 77' Aerial Quint 1500GPM pump with a 300 gal tank
2004 Ferrara Custom Pumper 1500GPM pump with 1000 gal tank
1994 Chevy C70 Pumper 1250 pump 1000 gal tank
1991 GMC C70 Heavy Rescue Pumper 1000 pump, 1000 gal tank, Mounted Hurst Power Unit Dual Output
1990 Ford F-SuperDuty Lite Rescue with air cascade
1993 Chevy K25 Brush Truck
(2) 1995 Ford F-700's 2000 gal stainless steel tankers
1979 Ford F-700 2000 gal tanker
1976 Ford F-700 1500 gal tanker
1975 Maxim 100' Ladder Truck, 750 Pump, no tank

We have an 8 bay 2 story station with a training room, rec room, excercise equipment, shower, and bunkrooms

Check us out! http://www.fortbayouvfd.com

Add us on myspace too

engine 61 - 1984 smeal pumper- 500 gallon tank
truck 60- 2000 pierce pumper/aerial, 500 gallon tank, 105' ladder
tanker 71- 1993 central 1800 gallon tanker
squad 51- 1992 ford van style ambulance
squad 52- 2001 ford ambulance made by road rescue
utility 80- 1987 ford box style ambulance now our water ruscue vehicle
boat 90- water rescue boat
command 98- 2004 ford crown victoria- incident command car (chiefs car)
command 99- 1997 ford crown victoria- incident command car (used by captains when covering town)
i run on a local fire department on there junior fire department. Im just starting to get to know some things and i am really starting to like it. We are a volunteer service and hae less then 100 calls a year. Our equipment constist of 2 pumpers, 2 tankers, 1 brush truck, and 1 van. We meet 3 times a month for training and meetings. So if some people could email me on here or at baby_boy022494@hotmail.com and let me know some more things about fire fighting that would be great. I am planning on doing this as a career someday. Thanks and all have a good day.
Our department is the Largest in the County. We have a total of 14 apperataus. 4 Engins, 2 Tankers, 1 Command, 4 Grass Attacks, 1 Type 6 engine, 1 Rescue, and a water Rescue. We run an average of 150 calls a year. 40 members and cover a town of 6,00 people. Our total district is 150 sq. miles.

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